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I'm a Top 1% OnlyFans Creator... - WAN Show April 2, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of Ben Fayers)
00:00 - Live and headlines
01:33 - Intro
02:17 - OnlyFans chat
30:03 - (Still part of OF Chat) "We opened up the option for LMG Staff to have personal floatplane accounts" - Develops into chat about work contracts and employees doing personal social media projects
45:30 - Luke & Linus during earlier LMG days
47:16 - Luke's bird flying about
51:05 - Sponsor Spots
54:15 - Louis Rossmann's Big Right to Repair push.
01:09:55 - Linus Bounty - RIO PMP-300 - Want to buy it or borrow it
01:10:45 - LTTStore updates
01:12:00 - Xbox Game Pass is getting PlayStation Exclusives
01:13:50 - AMD Zen 3 CPUs susceptive to Spectre-like attacks. (Unlikely to affect most end users)
01:15:00 - 10 Million Subscriber PC
01:18:40 - Brief touch on Unifi Breach
01:19:25 - Superchats


  1. Ben I

    Ben I

    16 ore fa

    You get a picture of "Why?"... Oh, I'm in tears.

  2. 功夫Yiga


    Giorno fa

    A tech ITputr making serious money from a meme onlyfans account? The nerds are truly taking over the world right now...

  3. Joshua


    3 giorni fa

    Listening to Linus not understand why the platform exists is hilarious, like dude 🤦‍♂️

  4. SkinzyGaming


    4 giorni fa

    Oh my god. Linus apologizing for not remembering a hockey player's name is literally the most Canadian thing I have ever seen. Ever. And I watch Letterkenny.

  5. thetruejay20


    4 giorni fa

    That's how it's supposed to work.... Until they steal a whole ass Presidential Election. 🤣

  6. thetruejay20


    4 giorni fa

    Linus learned from his time with NCIX when it comes to non-disclosure agreements 🤣

  7. UA DOOM


    4 giorni fa

    Lol. Linus with Black Rob reference. A-M-D got cores like WHOA!

  8. Shaun Young

    Shaun Young

    4 giorni fa

    On the 10 million subscriber PC, I seem to recall one of the first WAN shows I watched Luke and Linus talked about building a case with the various play buttons LTT had.

  9. dannyboy667


    4 giorni fa

    I can't believe the onlyfans April fools has been age restricted. It's probably the only ltt video that has

  10. Paco


    4 giorni fa

    Haha James the MVP with the photo requests 🤣

  11. Riley Eldredge

    Riley Eldredge

    5 giorni fa

    26:00 How is parodying an awful, disgusting industry insensitive? I see no problems with trying discredit the adult entertainment industry.

  12. metaleggman18


    6 giorni fa

    I'm not sure proprietary knowledge is really what Linus meant. How to build a company or run a business isn't proprietary knowledge, not unless you could show it's somehow like something specific to you. Even better if it's patented, and then it's legally proprietary. But just training someone to do a job is not proprietary by any means. Again, I think Linus is way out of his league trying to explain what he's talking about.

    • metaleggman18


      6 giorni fa

      That being said, I think Linus is being above board and totally legal, and actually super generous about his business, from what I can tell. He just does not know how to talk about it at all.

  13. metaleggman18


    6 giorni fa

    Linus does a really bad job of just saying, if you compete with us while working with us, we'll have problems. Like you can't pay someone to be in your videos extraneous to their role (writer, editor, videographer, etc) and then control their likeness and audience without paying for it.

    • metaleggman18


      6 giorni fa

      That being said, I think Linus is being above board and totally legal, and actually super generous about his business, from what I can tell. He just does not know how to talk about it at all.

  14. Tristan C

    Tristan C

    6 giorni fa

    Probably the most intelligent last quarter of a LAN show ever

  15. Cbr 929

    Cbr 929

    6 giorni fa

    Hmm, Hypocrite much Linus? So you don't think your employees should be able to promote themselves, get better, make money off the back of LTT? You've created this LTT 'thing' and you don't like others using it to propel themselves to 'betterdom'. ( I do agree with you in principal on this , I would feel the same) But... Along comes this other company who designs their stuff in such a way that others can't access it, can't make money from it or profit from it and now its a problem? Just so happens this other company is a massive behemoth of a company who's net worth is god knows what , but it's ok ? Can't have your cake and eat it bud.

  16. Evelyn Robles

    Evelyn Robles

    6 giorni fa

    Yvonne, it’s not what you think...Linus simply had to research only fans announcement videos 😉 Ahahaha 😂

  17. ZachAttack05


    6 giorni fa

    LMG is going to need to hire an only fans manager now

  18. William Sturgiss

    William Sturgiss

    7 giorni fa

    Just FYI, a lot of us got the joke, laughed, and without commenting, went about our lives.

  19. Lewis Holmes

    Lewis Holmes

    8 giorni fa

    The April fools video was brilliant Linus, one of the funniest things I've seen in a while. You shouldn't be made to feel bad for a harmless funny joke, people are to sensitive nowadays. Keep doing you!

  20. Andrew Frink

    Andrew Frink

    8 giorni fa

    @1:28:00 "they [Apple] did the math", yea, if apple care was losing money it would either A) be more expensive, or B) not exist. Apple isn't doing anything that doesn't make them more money, or at the very least they aren't doing things that actively lose them money. I mean look at the BOM costs of an iPhone vs the sale prices. Yea, yea, yea, design time, but even a team of 40 people making an average of 200k/yer working for a year to design an iphone works out to $0.50 per unit assuming my quick google of iphone 11 sales volume (16million units) is even remotely correct. Even if you triple or quadruple the team size, it's still single digit dollars per unit.

  21. Robert Tyrrell

    Robert Tyrrell

    8 giorni fa

    6:19 - the concrete cooled PC... NOOOOOOO!

  22. Epoch Games

    Epoch Games

    8 giorni fa

    5:45 that luke guy has a sick mind.... what's coming... pervert laughed. lol

  23. Alen Asenie

    Alen Asenie

    8 giorni fa

    a few days ago the screen of my s8 broke, it cost nearly the same as an s8 in my country, i bought it for a fraction of the price in aliexpress and i am waiting for it to arrive now

  24. TUUK2006


    8 giorni fa

    Holy shit, they're actually keeping the cash from this stupid stunt. I just assumed they'd donate it to charity, but no, he's pocketing it. LTT continues to get shittier and shitter.

  25. Damien Gates

    Damien Gates

    8 giorni fa

    only pants and no skirts allowed would be civilized

  26. GohanSSJZ


    9 giorni fa

    Linus don't put yourself down. You are beautiful! Love the sandals!

  27. Belugalu


    9 giorni fa

    Apes strong together, let’s start a new channel just for a new play button

  28. Randy Tepper

    Randy Tepper

    9 giorni fa

    While watching the WAN Show, does anyone else think Linus looks like Asmongold, from twitchs', brother?

  29. L P

    L P

    9 giorni fa

    I love that James is so totally ok with taking pictures of linus's body parts for a quick buck

  30. lenny l

    lenny l

    10 giorni fa


  31. Mitchell Robinson

    Mitchell Robinson

    10 giorni fa

    If I work in a bakery during the week and as a person heaps passionate about making bread. It should be okay to make my own bread in my own time and share it with my community. My bread on the weekend might even be better as I'm restricted when I'm working for a bakery. Innovation can be amazing.

  32. BestNub


    10 giorni fa

    I never realised the concrete video was fake... Now I'm kinda sad

  33. TheSpacecraftX


    10 giorni fa

    The people who bough the concrete joke have to be kids.

  34. Gamer Eggs

    Gamer Eggs

    10 giorni fa

    They could charge only fans employees to put a down payment with an agreement on a length of service. Stay in there Linus!

  35. Gamer Eggs

    Gamer Eggs

    10 giorni fa

    CuMpLeTiOn? Tell me more.....

  36. Averia Crescent

    Averia Crescent

    10 giorni fa

    I subscribed for the lulz and to show my friends who are also LTG followers. I totally got the joke and expected that it would be shut down after a day or so. Y'all keep doing you. It was a way for me to support you as a person in poverty as well. I love you all. Keep up the great work. :)

  37. Daniel Henry

    Daniel Henry

    10 giorni fa

    servers in america at least never share tips with back of house it is illegal

  38. Tacomancer


    10 giorni fa

    the OF thing is about ppl paying for a month and not getting what they paid for the 30 days if you closes after 7 days. other creators open a page for 3-4 days and closes and run off with all the subscription money but never fulfil there 30 days what ppl bought. its like if you bought a month pass to a theme park but the theme park closes 7 days in.

  39. Peppermint Pig

    Peppermint Pig

    10 giorni fa

    Linus is conflating "market will regulate itself" with corporatism. Corporatism is the opposite of a free market. When you assume the state is protecting your interests when it has materially demonstrated that it regulates in favor of big players how do you continue to trust the state to regulate a solution that you'll be happy with? You're just asking for failure. They use the law to limit competition. Linus, you are so close to getting it, but you have to deal with root causes. Telling a company it should be forced to operate a certain way in order to advance your interests is unethical. Get used to the idea of NOT asking a company for permission to repair products you own. Put your money where your mouth is and buy from companies that advance this new ethos of sustainability versus lining politicians pockets with money in the hopes that you can slide the scale one iota in your favor. The fact that the power even exists in the first place to rig the outcome is THE PROBLEM. Using unethical means to do what you think is good is not good.

  40. Sam Gosling

    Sam Gosling

    10 giorni fa

    A lot people don't know what day it is at the moment to de fair.

  41. Eglu Megad

    Eglu Megad

    10 giorni fa

    wan show is just linus's soapbox, please let Luke talk more :(

  42. Josh


    10 giorni fa

    The Only Fans portion is a textbook definition of late-stage capitalism XD

  43. Marc Sherwood

    Marc Sherwood

    10 giorni fa

    WWE also owns the "characters". The character's popularity/fame is due to the writers and others, not just the wrestler. Tech employees are not characters.

  44. Michael Jones

    Michael Jones

    10 giorni fa

    It must suck to have to be luke and kiss linus ass the whole time about twitch

  45. ブランコdavid


    10 giorni fa

    Not gonna lie, I only join only fans in tje hopes of seeing more of the staff ;)

  46. thebigdsdotcom


    10 giorni fa

    Thanks for letting us in on some of the behind the scenes issues with running a company like this. It helps folks with no experience understand some of the challenges facing entrepreneurs and small businesses.

  47. Shlagin


    10 giorni fa

    I've been running concrete as a coolant for the past year, and now you tell me that the video was fake?!

  48. Sam B

    Sam B

    10 giorni fa

    Luke jesus christ man you gotta shave that

  49. fumes des péterds

    fumes des péterds

    10 giorni fa

    Linus please stop spending so much time addressing mindless comments and rant/defend yourself at length about things any rational person would agree with

  50. KGBatemyBread


    10 giorni fa

    Late, but just wanna say Rio used to be one of the BEST mp3 players on the market. I had a Rio Karma and the supported music formats, the audio quality from a noise/signal perspective through both it's 3.5mm jack and audio dock, and everything else about that mp3 was top notch and just about class leading (I think iRiver beat it in some areas with their products, but they were further upmarket in price). Miss that thing. It was my first nice mp3 player and it was a damn cool piece of tech to finally have. No more discman.. no more visors filled with scratched CDs in the car.. no more dealing with AA batteries.. it was awesome.

  51. jstarsc0mm


    11 giorni fa

    I hope evga doesn’t fall through with LTT. Evga has a fairer system queue up and wait in line. It’s better than Linus drop and scramble like a mad cow going for it. I’m going to write a letter to evga to not support this Verified gamer program!

  52. Krusty The Clown

    Krusty The Clown

    11 giorni fa

    Have the Asus Prime Z370-P Motherboard, and the m.2 drive (stick?) Samsung 970 EVO Plus. And new bios from 12.3.2021 (or us date 3.12.2021) v. 2801. Now, my question for Linus, Luke, James (or other from the team) or viewers, how should I set up the Bios to get the max speed of the M.2 drive-stick-thingie? Thanks a lot guys... My favorite tech guys for many years. Krusty in Denmark.

  53. jason n/a

    jason n/a

    11 giorni fa

    Only fans pc anyone? A pc built with funds and suggestions from the only fans community

  54. Kieran Urban

    Kieran Urban

    11 giorni fa

    Jump scare at 1:15:20......

  55. Robson


    11 giorni fa

    The thing is Linus, you're hot AF. So... it's not unexpected it would be success, even as a joke.

  56. Gilgwath


    11 giorni fa

    Lol - Linus that is how you know your aim was true with a good april fools, if people actually fall for it :-) You really nailed that one. It's funny as hell!

  57. Catoma


    11 giorni fa

    I think I missed something... "We opened an OnlyFans... We put paint in the milk and put the milk in the loop for the shot" 😳 I haven't seen the vid, you made a WHAT-cooled PC!?

  58. Patrick


    11 giorni fa

    Right-to-repair is one of the most important challenges facing modern politics.

  59. Someoneelse


    11 giorni fa

    I don't care about onlyfans or floatplane subscriptions, but Linus Media Group needs to have someone following Mad-Maddie with a camera, and release all her puns, dad jokes and innuendos... She is pure entertainment 24/7

  60. Dr Peter jones

    Dr Peter jones

    11 giorni fa

    Gigabytes B550 vision D. Will it run unix and linux as enterprise has moved towards these systems away from retail systems? what bios has it ? is it a dual Gigabyte set up with legacy bios support as usual ? On board ssd m.3 ?

  61. sh t

    sh t

    11 giorni fa

    The white adapter congruently spell because finger consequentially heat at a quick tanker. careless, white armchair

  62. Isofruit Fruit

    Isofruit Fruit

    11 giorni fa

    I found the OnlyFans hilarious, like the idea !

  63. The Gr0nch

    The Gr0nch

    11 giorni fa

    They didn't mention KINGDOM HEARTS 3

  64. Manas Pradhan

    Manas Pradhan

    11 giorni fa

    I find it interesting that Linus doesn't approve of employees starting their own ITput channels. It is the industry standard but Linus himself wouldn't have been able to start his channel NCIX didn't allow him to run it alongside. Imagine how many future LTT's we're essentially killing. Intel wouldn't have been a thing if the employees at Fairchild weren't 'bad mannered at best'(as Linus put it)

  65. Samer Abdallah

    Samer Abdallah

    11 giorni fa

    I actually loved it

  66. hahagager


    11 giorni fa


    • hahagager


      11 giorni fa

      I got a response to my message so that’s cool too

  67. Faye


    11 giorni fa

    SHOULDN'T there be a link to the go fund me page? but wth do i know, i thought the cement video was real

  68. Sergiocrivelin


    11 giorni fa

    1:15:16 Luke's bird says Hi :)

  69. Tony


    11 giorni fa

    LOL! Luke: I can hear the roadrunner exclaim; Meep Meep! as your bird flew past your face at 1:15:40

  70. Hasufa


    11 giorni fa

    Apple does offer a battery replacement for the AirPods where they do exactly what this company is doing. Granted, Apple charges almost twice as much for it, but then this becomes a cost problem and not an availability one.

  71. richfiles π

    richfiles π

    11 giorni fa

    Regarding the reactions to the Only Fans bit... We live in a society that has a grossly under developed capacity (or tolerance) for humor. Viewpoints around the world have grown increasingly non-binary, yet those expressing these diverse views demand binary conformity and acceptance. This is the result of many factors, but probably the most significant of which is social media. People create their own personal echo chambers around themselves by blocking all those with even minorly dissenting views, while getting a dopamine hit from all the likes, hearts, or thumbs up votes affirming their view point. This creates scenarios where many different people each have their own unique viewpoint, and have had no real world experiences in dealing with anything that doesn't cater to their own personal circle. This has the tendency to lead individuals to think anything outside their personal viewpoint is in some way against them. People will see agendas where there are none. Politics get inserted where it doesn't need to be at all. This is the result of a lack of experience. These people simply don't grasp how to handle ideas in the real world, where _many differing viewpoints can coexist._ Stepping outside of a personal echo chamber can be jarring, disturbing, even frightening. Most of all, it can be confusing. There are people who, since childhood, have grown up with these closed off spaces of social media. These things can all leave a person feeling cornered, and can build anger and hate within them. The reality is: They simply don't get the joke. They can't possibly grasp the humor, because it lies entirely outside the scope of the heavily limited personal experience they've constructed for themselves online, as defined by their personal social media echo chambers. Most people can't even grasp or comprehend how this could even be harmful to them. This is why my interactions with most social media has been minimal, and why I have never blocked a single person, no matter how much I may disagree with their views. I welcome the dissenting voice. I might disagree, but I can learn a new perspective. Openness tempers extreme views. It is healthy. Humor without any perspective tends to fall flat. When people have no perspective, no grasp of actual reality, how could they ever find _anything_ funny? This is the problem with jokes today. No body has perspective anymore, so jokes fall flat upon one dimensional people. They think the joke was one dimensional, not even realizing it was they who had no depth to their character. They only exist as a flat reflection of some online echo chamber. That's the tragedy. Social media is, and always has been, a mental cancer.

  72. Alistair Blaire

    Alistair Blaire

    11 giorni fa

    I can't believe the Diamond Rio PMP has turned into a rarity. I remember seeing it all over the place back then, though mostly online.

  73. أمير


    11 giorni fa

    anyone got link for his account?

  74. LongLive Juice

    LongLive Juice

    11 giorni fa

    The separate arrow complementarily mug because turkish inversely wriggle to a jumbled stranger. faithful, steep catsup

  75. Anas Alibrahim

    Anas Alibrahim

    11 giorni fa

    well if you are asking why ppl subscribed to the LTT OF channel here is your answer ( *LUCK, RILEY, JAMES, LINUS, and ALEX* ) you guys are state of the art beautiful, so try giving ppl hope of seeing more flesh, and boom you just created the new trend, I mean do you allow unattractive employees into the media group "I wonder"

  76. richfiles π

    richfiles π

    11 giorni fa

    Forcing a company to release software (eg, for pairing components together, or for flashing a generic component with a proprietary firmware) is *not* forcing them to release secrets. No one is demanding the release of source code. Firmwares can be encrypted. A piece of software can operate in a closed manner. Closed software does closed task, and provides parts that now work. Companies that tell you this would force them to "release company secrets" is feeding you grade A, straight from the barn, BS.

  77. Captian Morgan

    Captian Morgan

    11 giorni fa

    $15,000 a day? Why not have someone dedicated to it?

  78. Mantisman™


    11 giorni fa

    200subs @ $5 per month does not equal $500/month....

  79. NiceMalice


    11 giorni fa

    Linus's eye brows are getting grummpy

  80. jspikeball123


    11 giorni fa

    I'm not gonna lie, the concrete PC confused the hell out of me. I knew that PC pumps couldn't move concrete, but now it all makes sense

  81. Jeremy DeJesus

    Jeremy DeJesus

    11 giorni fa

    If LMG ever needs a CNC machinist... I'd gladly relocate to Canada 🙂

  82. Kostas Froudarakis

    Kostas Froudarakis

    11 giorni fa

    BTW, you do realise that V.A.G. is the official acronym for Volkswagen Audi Group. The Group that owns VW, Audi, Lamborghini, Skoda, Ducati, etc, right?

  83. Richard F

    Richard F

    11 giorni fa

    I think the only fans joke was hilarious and one of the best April fools jokes I’ve seen from a company.

  84. Ivan Tumanov

    Ivan Tumanov

    11 giorni fa

    So you're admitting your employee book by which you are threatening to treat people, is inhuman? And that lowly employees better "play ball" or else?

  85. Chameleon Scheimong

    Chameleon Scheimong

    12 giorni fa

    People say "oh don't trust the government" casually like it's some universal idiom. Yeah when nobody trusts your democratically elected (hopefully, more or less) government, megacorporations get on top and it's your politicians who have to kowtow to big business executives. There's no democracy in that. Hopefully this kind of dystopia will never become reality... oh wait

  86. lupusprobitas


    12 giorni fa

    So, Linus is basically a boobtuber now. I should have expected it considering he likes to model his underwear himself. :-)

  87. Muspelling


    12 giorni fa

    What a charming guy that Luke is

  88. Jagger


    12 giorni fa

    the april fools was funny af, who gives a F about sensitive snowflakes lmao also right to repair FTW, my man 💪

  89. EmptyCarts


    12 giorni fa

    The faded soy anatomically puncture because bulldozer morally decorate abaft a unruly may. abounding, elated chest

  90. Kevin Deeth

    Kevin Deeth

    12 giorni fa

    To speak about the pro sports contracts...and to steal a popular tweet. The NHL draft is a young boy market. It's all about picking the strongest, fastest boy, who needs to hire an agent to make sure they are not getting take advantage of.

  91. Jeremy D

    Jeremy D

    12 giorni fa

    The warlike norwegian canonically spray because flight effectively launch given a like roast. worried, loud sociology

  92. Dhanush M

    Dhanush M

    12 giorni fa

    The thumbnail for the onlyfans video was so CURSED 🤣

  93. mitchel71


    12 giorni fa

    I'm a transport truck technician When I was at dealerships, I had a very strict non compete, in that I couldn't work on that brand of truck, or any current, past or possible customers. So pretty well no side work, unless it was on cars or machinery. Linus is pretty open about what his employees can do

  94. Jeff Sims

    Jeff Sims

    12 giorni fa

    Welcome to the era of wokeness, jokes no longer exist and everything you do is derogatory toward a people group, bigoted, or racist. Tell the woke haters where to shove it. The pushback is coming.

  95. StarF


    12 giorni fa

    OnlyFans joke was great, perfectly executed, and isn't hurting anybody. Don't sweat it!

  96. illidur


    12 giorni fa

    Luke didn't say bye. 01:05:00 Also get a bird cage and cover it instead of messing with lights.

  97. Uriel Ruiz

    Uriel Ruiz

    12 giorni fa

    Hey Linus long time watcher , i was hoping of reaching out to you hoping you'd help me aquire a graphics card i haven't been able to get ahold of one everything is out of stock , please i would appreciate the help

  98. Jerald Tilley

    Jerald Tilley

    12 giorni fa

    Anthony's ASMR keyboard Video up, please!

  99. Kyle Moore

    Kyle Moore

    12 giorni fa

    The thing about right to repair vis a vis the military and why it’ll never be supported is because huge companies like Raytheon and Boeing and Lockheed Martin and all these companies have so much money invested in making sure they replace rather than repair military equipment and both sides are in bed with the military industrial complex so heavily that we’ll never see this fixed. We may get it in consumer spaces, maybe even medical, but I doubt that, but never the military. These companies employ so many people that no politician in their right mind would ever go against them, unless they’re a new grassroots candidate, at huge monetary deficit vs other candidates... win races.

  100. Quinn Sells

    Quinn Sells

    12 giorni fa

    3:59 “the type of people that watch that kind of stuff” LITERALLY YOUR VIEWERS😂

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