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I've always wanted to try these

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Smartphone cameras are pretty powerful especially that several flagship models have multi lenses/sensors now, but can a $100 accessory make them just as good as a professional full-frame camera?
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. LeonidasGFX


    5 ore fa

    Came back and watched this again... it is an awesome video with lots of helpful content! Unfortunately, that title does not do it justice :(

  2. Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    15 ore fa

    The xenvo lens is probably too small for the "large" sensor on the 12 pro max I read somewhere that even the s20 fe has a larger sensor than the 12 pro max so that's why large was in quotations but yeah fyi I have a canon 200d cause I need more versatility for my photography/cinematography work xD

  3. Nick Nikes

    Nick Nikes

    16 ore fa

    I'm sorry but this is super boring

  4. Firen Landor

    Firen Landor

    2 giorni fa

    6.02 the moment looks much less detailed and sharp but oke I guess hahaha

  5. Haydenex


    2 giorni fa

    Linus lookin real different

  6. x-illusion-x


    5 giorni fa

    DeeeeeZZZ NuTTZZZZ!

  7. Alain-Christian


    5 giorni fa

    One of the first things I noticed when going from Pixel 2 to iPhone 11 pro was the drop in photo quality. I miss taking pictures on my Pixel 2.

  8. Jezza2247


    6 giorni fa

    wtf brandon being producer

  9. Iouri Goussev

    Iouri Goussev

    6 giorni fa

    Nikon Z Series if you want to take good photos

  10. CHITUS➊⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻


    6 giorni fa

    Bro the end credits... Brandon basically one-man-show’d this video. Props to him for such an amazing video.

    • Azmi Farhan

      Azmi Farhan

      6 giorni fa

      Only Brandon Talks about camera better in LMG (y)

  11. Lennart Mook

    Lennart Mook

    7 giorni fa

    And I never cared

  12. Ixtiyar Ağayev

    Ixtiyar Ağayev

    7 giorni fa

    Just get S21 ultra

  13. 91.8 Elk

    91.8 Elk

    7 giorni fa

    Kind of disappointed with the quick dismissal of the cheap lens. The vignetting was bad and so was the distortion on the edges, but how was the center?

  14. Admiral Percy

    Admiral Percy

    7 giorni fa

    Wait do you really think people don't know there are multiple cameras on their phones

  15. 王Akagami


    7 giorni fa

    Brandon is one of the coolest geeks on ITput. I feel good about myself now.

    • Akinmusere Eunice

      Akinmusere Eunice

      2 giorni fa

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  16. Matt Blatchley

    Matt Blatchley

    7 giorni fa

    well done, sir!

  17. Smash Bother

    Smash Bother

    8 giorni fa

    Robin amiibo? Robin main gang!

  18. WizardBlobMovies1234


    8 giorni fa

    0:25 Linus did Brandon make you buy the probe lens

  19. Piotr Chylarecki

    Piotr Chylarecki

    8 giorni fa

    Why not test these lens shooting RAW images?!!!

  20. Drew Rushmer

    Drew Rushmer

    8 giorni fa

    Moment is great, been using them for years

  21. shorebreak69


    8 giorni fa

    yeah, but will they work on my A5?

  22. Ishika Shanai

    Ishika Shanai

    8 giorni fa

    Didn't expect to see our Tactician Robin from FE Awakening in this video, but it's what got my like.

  23. ItIsMeRusty


    8 giorni fa

    Only ogs remember when this was called “I thought I would hate this”

  24. Phil Sheppard

    Phil Sheppard

    8 giorni fa

    Can we have a new LTT channel please the BCT Brendons Camera Tips. all it would cost you is ONE new cameraman,as he seems to have done most (ALL) of this one himself.

  25. gameflux


    9 giorni fa

    No thank you !

  26. companyoflosers


    9 giorni fa

    sooo the lesson here is dont use accessory lenses if you have an iphone? typical apple ensuring third party products never work with their own.

  27. Olive Beckam

    Olive Beckam

    9 giorni fa

    apple: glad you asked, introducing ILens starting from $199.99

  28. Vanced Youtube

    Vanced Youtube

    9 giorni fa

    More Brandon on main channel please. Love these videos.

  29. BeniSommer


    9 giorni fa

    I've allways hated these, just buy a real camera!

  30. Brandon Lee

    Brandon Lee

    9 giorni fa


  31. ReplayTheMaster


    9 giorni fa

    I'd like to hear his opinion of the Sirui lens kit. The exact same idea as the ones from Moment (they even use the same mount and as such can be mounted on a moment case), but in my experience, they're better for clarity and have less edge distortion

  32. Vaja Rakesh!

    Vaja Rakesh!

    9 giorni fa

    Most hardworking person ever....Good work Biden:)

  33. This Can Be Pronounced

    This Can Be Pronounced

    9 giorni fa

    "always wanted to try these" but you're so late, lol. As you're showing, now they're for fairly niche uses that compete with stock cameras. My cheap $15-25 Tele/macro/wide-angle/fish-eye was awesome back in the single-camera days, or still are now for those of us still using single camera phones. :)

  34. Hatto Kiddo

    Hatto Kiddo

    9 giorni fa

    I don't like how you just throw tha ad for the computers without even introducing it, smh.

  35. Samer Nabeel

    Samer Nabeel

    9 giorni fa

    I'm pretty sure that was a note 20 (not an ultra).

  36. win one soon

    win one soon

    9 giorni fa

    i think phones are getting so ridiculous haha like why the heck do all of these normal ass people need a super super high deff camera and slash super computer to brows Facebook and Instagram haha. i think its really wasted technology on so many. god my 120 dollar Motorola Moto G Power has a 16 mega pixel camera which is more then enough. 10 years ago that would of been a crazy ass camera lol

  37. mentalplayground


    9 giorni fa

    More of this type of videos pretty please. This guy know his stuff. Love it!

  38. stephen agbodza

    stephen agbodza

    9 giorni fa

    oi you man should do the m15 r4 review ffs

  39. GameTRY


    9 giorni fa

    I like camera videos

  40. Furkan Taşdelen

    Furkan Taşdelen

    9 giorni fa

    Great work Brandon

  41. Ben Korpella

    Ben Korpella

    9 giorni fa

    Taren looks very content being paid to eat M&Ms

  42. Faizan Alvi

    Faizan Alvi

    10 giorni fa

    i believe that the moment lens being larger than that phones individual lens block the telephoto camera causing the iphones camera to spazz out like that

  43. Lloyd Dunamis

    Lloyd Dunamis

    10 giorni fa

    A very nice comparison & explanation between the phone's camera and add-on lenses. Thank you! Lenses of premium smartphones are already great though. What about add-on lenses for the less camera-premium phones, like would it significantly enhance the picture and all that stuff?

  44. Justin Marcelo

    Justin Marcelo

    10 giorni fa

    Damn. I need more videos like this. Will cop that anamorphic lens

  45. ChaosEn3


    10 giorni fa

    Brandon's a natural.

  46. James Adams

    James Adams

    10 giorni fa

    i swear he looks pretty similar to NileRed

  47. Talha Riaz

    Talha Riaz

    10 giorni fa

    In video Moment lens > iPhone 12 pro Moment lens= note 20 ultra Using maths Note 20 ultra > iPhone 12 pro

  48. Rameez bhaii

    Rameez bhaii

    10 giorni fa

    Is this linus tech tips channel ?

  49. i erit

    i erit

    10 giorni fa

    Taran's discomfort is hilarious.

  50. LoverBοy


    10 giorni fa

    Me agreeing that it looks better watching this in 480 p bc of my one bar

  51. uradonkey003


    10 giorni fa

    I like this host way more than Linus

  52. Joey Hillers

    Joey Hillers

    10 giorni fa

    Me who still uses a 1.4 mp Sony Mavica

  53. Fariz Shafruddin

    Fariz Shafruddin

    10 giorni fa

    The only reason I use moment wide lens is because Pixel 4XL do not have ultra wide..

  54. Endangered Gnome

    Endangered Gnome

    10 giorni fa

    This guy is a very good presenter.

  55. George Lorimer

    George Lorimer

    10 giorni fa

    Great job, your presentation was picture perfect ...

  56. DreamBliss


    10 giorni fa

    It would be interesting to see the results you get with Momo VS stock while using a tripod and either a self-timer or wired/wireless shutter so there is no camera/phone movement. My guess is that your shots with the Momo lenses will benefit from a stationary placement.

  57. o o

    o o

    10 giorni fa

    ...or use the tele lens to double the telephoto camera's focal length. That's pretty much all I bought it for.

  58. Cristopher Yusuke

    Cristopher Yusuke

    10 giorni fa

    hummmm , changed the title and thumbnail , strange ...

  59. Antonio Arredondo

    Antonio Arredondo

    10 giorni fa

    is new zealand missing from the globe?

  60. Beardy Record Box

    Beardy Record Box

    10 giorni fa

    I've had the Anamorphic lens for a year now and I absolutely love it, not only for video, but also ultrawide landscape and portrait photography. I live by the English Channel and the sea/skyscape photographs I've taken with it are breathtaking. Also, their case not only looks nice, but can survive some hefty drops. Ahem.

  61. Eric Christiansen

    Eric Christiansen

    10 giorni fa

    What about shooting in manual? I doubt most people who buy this will be shooting in auto mode...

  62. Hamachingo


    10 giorni fa

    Too much sponsored segments in this one.

  63. Justin Acker

    Justin Acker

    10 giorni fa

    Didn’t understand a lot and got lost a lot but great video🤣

    • WhyteLis21


      5 giorni fa

      Basically, the take away from this video was, external lens are a waste on smartphones. Stick to what's on your phone or just get a dedicated camera, period. 😁

  64. 小諧


    10 giorni fa

    how about zeiss's phone lens?

  65. Charlie


    10 giorni fa

    weak segway

  66. Maggnet


    10 giorni fa

    Try the Zeiss lenses. They are much better than the Moment lenses.

  67. NHG Risk

    NHG Risk

    11 giorni fa

    Awesome Video! What I think where these things shine is on possibly older or cheaper phones with only 1 or 2 lenses. I've got the OnePlus 5 which comes with 2 cameras and I got some cheap 20 bucks clip-on lenses just to have some fun and flexibility :) I wouldnt buy those if I've got the 9 pro or any other competitor

  68. TheClassicRKR


    11 giorni fa

    So if you have an iPhone, these are really only useful for video? I'm really glad you guys did a video on these, I was really curious about them lately and I think I'll be saving quite a bit of money.

  69. Cosmos Huawei

    Cosmos Huawei

    11 giorni fa

    6:31 ExpLosure?

  70. Drew Pera

    Drew Pera

    11 giorni fa

    I'd really only get these for a single-camera phone.

  71. Dalton Dwyer

    Dalton Dwyer

    11 giorni fa

    Not guna lie I was severely disappointed when I clicked on this video thinking Denis was going to be in it and this guy started talking. :(

  72. Christian Filion

    Christian Filion

    11 giorni fa

    I use moments lens to expend the capability of my phone! So it’s a wine for me!

  73. Ádám Tóth

    Ádám Tóth

    11 giorni fa

    I wonder how something like this would work on my old-ass Galaxy S7, and could extend its life as a serviceable camera phone.

  74. TDG


    11 giorni fa

    You buy a second hand DSLR and an 18-55mm beats this any day

  75. John Bee

    John Bee

    11 giorni fa

    Good video and I use to think thease lenses were a waste of money bow I know they are. Phone cameras have got pretty good just be happy with that or get a dslr.

  76. MrHawk


    11 giorni fa

    You should make an Odysee account and link your ITput channel. I’d like to watch your content on there if possible.

  77. Michael Frandsen

    Michael Frandsen

    11 giorni fa

    Great video ruined by that awefull drinking sound right in the middle of it. FFS don't do that!

  78. Will Newcomb

    Will Newcomb

    11 giorni fa

    I think you've just saved me a lot of money!!! I have been toying with the idea of getting a moment lens (plus case and CPL) for my iPhone 12 Pro Max but the outlay required made me pause for thought. In the meantime I thought I'd try a clip-on CPL which cost me just $6.00 !!! (I'm in China so these sorts of things can be very inexpensive. Doing my first trial it certainly works & I can't tell any drawbacks (other than it's a bit finicky getting it aligned properly, but what do you expect for only $6 !!!

  79. MiguelJaballas


    11 giorni fa

    Isnt that just the note 20, not the ultra?

  80. Chuzz Bot

    Chuzz Bot

    11 giorni fa

    why say 'X' instead of 'times' ? It really sounds mung and it's still only one syllable.

  81. MAXNAZ 47

    MAXNAZ 47

    11 giorni fa

    I know i'm old when my phone only has 1 camera...

  82. David Mayer

    David Mayer

    11 giorni fa

    What's the point on zooming in on shots which don't have the same focal length to compare them? That's non-sense!

  83. BadKarma 714

    BadKarma 714

    11 giorni fa

    Did you use the moment app or filmic pro I think those lenses are best for video with the apps I mentioned

  84. MotoBiano


    11 giorni fa

    I'd trust Brandon with my life decisions.

  85. Alex Gruspier

    Alex Gruspier

    11 giorni fa

    Yes, i love this man. Give him more cameras.

  86. DKC


    11 giorni fa


  87. 5ive Flyer

    5ive Flyer

    11 giorni fa

    No way the subtle improvements from those lenses are worth it imo. If your budget prevents you from buying a pro camera set up than you're better off sticking to a stock smartphone camera. No one watching your content will notice.

  88. LLamaCannon 1

    LLamaCannon 1

    11 giorni fa

    Honestly, if you buy 3 or 4 of those lenses (140*4) you are spending close to 600 dollars, not including a flagship phone. For that money you should buy a second-hand DSLR with a 50mm 1.8F and get insanely better performance. Best part is, if you want to add anything just buy new lenses and 3 years down the line just buy a new camera that can fit your already bought lenses. Cameras in phones in my humble opinion are not replacing actual cameras anytime soon. I say this as someone who switched from phone cameras to DSLR just to see what the hype was about.

  89. Jason Bourne

    Jason Bourne

    11 giorni fa

    The Sony RX100 VII is a good compromise if I don't want to carry a large DSLr but want better phoot/ video quality than what my iPhone 12 Pro or Pixel 2 XL can provide (for most images this is pretty rare). I plan on getting the Alpha cameras though as it allows for lens swapping.

  90. William Denney

    William Denney

    11 giorni fa

    I've had moment lens for years and have had no complaints. but even if/when I ever stop using them I'll always buy their cases cause they are, in my opinion some of the best quality for iPhone.

  91. SevenDeMagnus


    11 giorni fa

    Cool, it can't be replaced coz': physics:-)

  92. Kyle Plays

    Kyle Plays

    11 giorni fa

    The moment lenses look like ray tracing (roshade) in roblox but in real life lol

  93. Chapter 7 Certified

    Chapter 7 Certified

    11 giorni fa

    You should do the same tests but using a pro app like Halide to see if it makes a difference vs the stock camera.

  94. Malitz101


    11 giorni fa

    0:20 looks like this scene is captured with the probe lens.

  95. MrVolksbeetle


    11 giorni fa

    I have to agree. Natural nuts are better and require less maintenance.

  96. Badlex 727

    Badlex 727

    11 giorni fa

    I feel like this video was missing the section where the phone lens compares to a DSLR or similar camera that Brandon shows off in the B roll shot. Just to give another layer of depth

  97. DeltaInsanity


    11 giorni fa

    Wait do "most people" actually not know that the different "lenses" are seperate cameras, or is that just an easy way to introduce the video?

  98. Rob Whitmore

    Rob Whitmore

    11 giorni fa

    the CA on the moment lenses is pretty awful

  99. c2thew


    11 giorni fa

    Woohoo it’s turning into dppreview. The channels diversity is a huge advantage over the dedicated channels since you have followers from a much wider audience.

  100. Mike Upton

    Mike Upton

    11 giorni fa

    Been using Moment lenses for a few years on my phone. It'll NEVER replace a DSLR, but it does open up some creative avenues for the camera you most likely have on you more often than your DSLR.

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