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I Was RIGHT!!!! (and I hate it) - Semiconductor Shortage Explained

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At the start of the pandemic I guessed we were about to have a massive shortage of computer hardware... and unfortunately I was right.
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  1. Cameron Estrada

    Cameron Estrada

    2 ore fa

    Linus why is it so hard to even get a rx 580? It's priced at almost 1000 on ebay. Isn't it supposed to be worth less than 150? Been trying to buy one less than 850 for months now. 😔Only part I need to finish my first pc.

  2. Maison Hamilton

    Maison Hamilton

    3 ore fa

    Anyone paying attention knew there was gonna be a shortage. GPUs haven’t been able to keep up with supply for years.

  3. Lymer


    4 ore fa

    Can crypto go ahead and crash already?

  4. Kyo Svoboda

    Kyo Svoboda

    6 ore fa

    I miss the good Linus segways

  5. Vitali Bazilevschi

    Vitali Bazilevschi

    10 ore fa

    Marks was right...

  6. David Vega

    David Vega

    13 ore fa

    How bout we say: "f#$k you scalpers" 😐 if the demand doesn't continue into 2023? What if they make all these extra chips and the pandemic ends and no one cares about buying chips anymore? 🤔 PS: The final five minutes of this video made me sub...bravo 👏

  7. Bert Carneval Lai

    Bert Carneval Lai

    13 ore fa

    how about recycle everything yeaaaay

  8. Kev


    14 ore fa

    Every year I delay building a tower... Every year it gets harder to build one. FML

  9. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards

    19 ore fa

    The end of this video, where you let people know that a good option while waiting for graphics cards to return back to MSRP is to instead spend more money on helping local businesses, is what earned my subscription to your channel.

  10. Krishna V

    Krishna V

    21 ora fa

    Usually the kind of video, Tech jesus would do, but its a welcome refresher from Linus. When GamersNexus says it, its like an engineer telling you something as if they are talking deep stuff, but when Linus says it its like CEO/CFO type feeling.

  11. ash0787


    21 ora fa

    Yeah I understood this was supernatural but I deleted the video because I knew nobody would understand, grandad isn't buying an RTX 3070 to go on zoom gardening courses. Comon man who would buy a new pc in an economic crash ? whose gonna buy a PS5 with no games when PS4 pro is so good anyway ? PS5 sold out very easily which never happens. Look at the trends in graphics cards prices over the past decade, you'll see that gpus have over time become an overpriced luxury product rather than a mass market commodity, theres a conspiracy to restrict access to this technology and cause a cryptoboom simultaneously.

  12. Harpax A

    Harpax A

    22 ore fa

    Let the crypto burns ....

  13. Paul Vincze

    Paul Vincze

    22 ore fa

    I watched the hole video but... F*** YOU MINERS!

  14. Potatoe8 Tomatoe

    Potatoe8 Tomatoe

    Giorno fa


  15. Michael Clark

    Michael Clark

    Giorno fa

    I upgraded my PC during the middle of last year to a ryzen 3700x but held off on getting a new graphics cards to upgrade my 1060 to wait until the 30 series came out but now I wish I just bought a 20 series when I could as I'm not paying double retail. Also during the pandemic I saved much more money than now when I'm back at work, working my ass off in the IT industry as our government had unemployment benefits for pandemic job losses. Feels like I'm going backwards and I'm worried about inflation that all this free money that was given out. House prices have had their biggest monthly rise ever in Australia, I don't think I'll ever be able to buy my own place.

  16. Tyrion


    Giorno fa

    nvidia really do be clowning. "no it's not due to miners we swear!!1" **starts producing crypto mining cards** **ships 30 MILLIONS worth of GPU's to mining companies**

  17. soberowy


    Giorno fa

    guys if you want to change aspect ratio of your videos maybe just change the aspect ratio instead of adding these obnoxious black bars on top and bottom. Some of us have widescreen monitors.

  18. Shape the future Tech

    Shape the future Tech

    Giorno fa

    There may be a little delay, but nearly all semiconductor components are in shortage, even a very cheap MCU used in a 2 dollors toy. So the end users will feel the shortage after 3-4 months after the factories ran out of their stocks. Indeed, there is another key reason that never mentioned above, the Trump banned some Chinese giants, which cause more giants start buy more than their real needs to get enough stock, the trust among gloabl supply chain lost, which cause every company starts to stock chips because of fear instead of trying to sustain as lowest stock as possible before.

  19. Tommy Yu

    Tommy Yu

    Giorno fa

    Nah it’s just bunch of people mining bitcoins

  20. Cody Arthur

    Cody Arthur

    Giorno fa

    I was very lucky to have upgraded to a 2080 super just before all this happened. But I still want one of those fancy 30 series cards. Despite my luck, I still feel the collective pain of my PC gaming brothers and sisters. Every morning I wake up the first words on my lips are "f#%* bitcoin miners". This video won't change that.

  21. nikko fabi

    nikko fabi

    Giorno fa

    For those who’s whining. Hear the word of linus. Those complaining can’t even make their own bed and throw the their trash on time.

  22. Hellscream Games

    Hellscream Games

    Giorno fa

    Good video.

  23. michaelange727


    2 giorni fa

    I heard about the shortage around 10 months ago when I heard the GM had to stop production because of a semi conductor shortage, maybe I'm wrong for equating that with this video but I remeber hearing about it.

  24. Nikola G

    Nikola G

    2 giorni fa

    Screaming "f you miners" while promoting GPU mining just a couple of weeks back, what a hypocrite

  25. Right Wing Safety Squad

    Right Wing Safety Squad

    2 giorni fa

    As a miner, 😝

  26. McLP


    2 giorni fa

    bought a 3080 on Release date, still not arrived...

  27. piotralex5


    2 giorni fa

    if you turn on the captions, someone uploaded the wrong file apparently about 11:00

  28. TRXP RFT


    2 giorni fa

    Linus secretly runs bots to snatch GPUs and CPUs so he can make vids

  29. Linda H

    Linda H

    2 giorni fa

    Hold on to most of you cash. Continue to rock out the older PC's and gaming consoles until this pandemic is over for good. 2023.

  30. Linda H

    Linda H

    2 giorni fa

    Chevy and Ford were making Ventilators. A highly computerized piece of medical equipment. 3 million from each. Each machine has a lot of semiconductors.

  31. Linda H

    Linda H

    2 giorni fa

    Someone else that got it right. #1 reason there is a shortage. 6 million Ventilators.

  32. Anal Commando

    Anal Commando

    2 giorni fa

    This video hasn't aged well in regards to GPUs. Right now GPU supply problems are 100% crypto mining related. In mid April there just isn't any other reason for the shortages of GPUs, at least nvidia GPUs. 1. Its been 7 months since the release of the 3070/3080. Thats more than enough time to adjust to the increased demand. 2. Nvidia was originally unhappy with Samsung's yield on the GPUs but reports a couple of months ago indicated that Samsung had solved the yield problems. 3. Samsung fab space and time isn't anywhere as in demand as TSMC (AMD). Samsung just doesn't have as many as big clients as TSMC does. Companies like Apple use TSMC as does Qualcomm and of course AMD.

  33. jeshua leblanc

    jeshua leblanc

    2 giorni fa

    well my 1060 rips right now . but i wanted a 3060 .... but now i cant do it . it went from 400$ to almost 1000$ markups . from some guy in another country just to markup the price almost 2x the value .

  34. Jaymon Hotz

    Jaymon Hotz

    2 giorni fa

    Music is fucking annoying

  35. Gore Obsessed

    Gore Obsessed

    2 giorni fa

    I'm just so grateful that I went ahead and built my newest rig right at the start of covid. I was of the opinion that people would buy stuff out just cause they were stuck inside none the less everything else... Lol basically what he said actually happened

  36. John Johnson

    John Johnson

    2 giorni fa

    good thing I quit playing video game so don't care about cards anymore

  37. Artrian Shamastadis

    Artrian Shamastadis

    2 giorni fa

    offcourse it because the fcking covid 🖕🖕

  38. Nero Wolfe

    Nero Wolfe

    2 giorni fa

    Tl;dr: We're still screwed for the immediate future. Also, f*ck Crypto Miners. Period.

  39. MacDaAce


    2 giorni fa

    The man who pushes PC parts just suggested you wait on buying parts and instead spend your money on local companies that are truly suffering from this pandemic... I like this.

  40. Ksan Khan

    Ksan Khan

    2 giorni fa

    Spending that money at a local business would be great if I owned more than one computer. My computer is very old and in sever need of an upgrade. I don't want the best I just want a GFX card that can run a few older games and be able to surf the internet. I'm one of those people hit hard by the pandemic, don't have the coin to buy a GFX card at this pricing, so I'm stuck using onboard GFX for now. I guess it could be worse and I could have no computer at all so I'll consider myself one of the lucky one's

  41. Atikah Rostam

    Atikah Rostam

    2 giorni fa

    got distracted reading the captions. now i have to rewatch this video 😑

  42. Rayan Behr

    Rayan Behr

    2 giorni fa

    windows pcs are a waste of semiconductors

  43. slowboat


    3 giorni fa

    lost me at the nauseating music at 1:05

  44. torq


    3 giorni fa

    Me watching while playing Factorio: I’ve been here before

  45. Kian Saghafi

    Kian Saghafi

    3 giorni fa

    4:18 sorry that I am under 18 what did I do wrong

  46. MemphisBelle291


    3 giorni fa

    Why didn't you mention those fuc**** scalpers? Those as****** using bots buying away new cards instantly for stock price and selling these cards then 3-5 times more expensive.

  47. Laura Brown

    Laura Brown

    3 giorni fa

    In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here:

  48. Gabriel Molin

    Gabriel Molin

    3 giorni fa

    I love the end message. Please support local!

  49. Wade Ratliff

    Wade Ratliff

    3 giorni fa

    I just wanna say: I've been watching your videos for years. I work in the entertainment sector doing lighting and video for concerts and other major events. As I've had not anywhere near as much work this past year I've watched your videos more than ever. That last little bit about the service and entertainment sector was really classy. +10 forever.

  50. riyo kar

    riyo kar

    3 giorni fa

    Scalpers are the biggest scums

    • Anal Commando

      Anal Commando

      2 giorni fa

      True but for scalpers to jack up prices they need a supply and demand imbalance, they can't create it themselves. So scalpers greatly exacerbate the problem but they aren't the cause.

  51. Marlberg


    3 giorni fa

    Weapons Grade Unobtanium...

  52. Death Deserter

    Death Deserter

    3 giorni fa

    Wait half a year and you'll be buying most of these in cheaper then ever prices... Unless they artificially boost their prices...

  53. Popcorn Sutton

    Popcorn Sutton

    3 giorni fa

    Thank you Intel Chief Financial Officer claiming all the GPUs are going to gamers, I appreciate your disinformation.

  54. James LaFayette

    James LaFayette

    4 giorni fa

    Romans 6:23 esv For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. #TurnToChristAndLive

  55. Farhan Rana

    Farhan Rana

    4 giorni fa

    Guys please fix the subtitles after 10:34. thanks!

  56. Marcelo Vilaça

    Marcelo Vilaça

    4 giorni fa

    Huge clap for your "spend some cash in local business" comment... Kudos!!!

  57. Richard Jonáš

    Richard Jonáš

    4 giorni fa

    Hello, would anyone have any numbers as to how big the demand is when compared to the supply of GPUs? I could really use this for a project.

  58. David Casey

    David Casey

    4 giorni fa

    Ordering a new car has been a proper pain in the arse. Can't be bothered going through that again for a new GPU.

  59. denkoi


    4 giorni fa

    Crypto crash! Crypto crash!

  60. Thewaterspirit57


    4 giorni fa

    Crypto miners will ALWAY be a problem, because of how much stock they waste on pointless and unstable currency, and how much energy they also waste on that pointless currency Like, people think usual gamers with their.... AMD 12 core cpu overclocked, high speed ram/SSD, RGB lighting, and 3090 waste electricity.... yeah, how about a giant ass bay filled with 3090s and 3080s :V That’s a power waster if I ever saw one. Gaming PCs have a use

  61. Deso Taku

    Deso Taku

    4 giorni fa

    If i was part of a cult, i'd definitely think the end is nigh. Global plague, drought, earth warming, continents on fire, riots everywhere. And on top of that i can't complete my gf's pc build because of chip shortages.😅 I'm seeing old and used cards that barely perform in HD at the same price-range rx 5700xt were at launch.

  62. 2randomcrap3


    4 giorni fa

    So the semiconductor shortage has the same reasons as the ammunition shortage: exorbitantly high supply

  63. ChevySpeed724


    4 giorni fa

    And this is why you should NEVER give unlimited power over your life to politicians and government for ANYTHING. Dangerous freedom, my friends.

    • Anal Commando

      Anal Commando

      2 giorni fa

      huh? Too much Koch brother libertadism for you.

  64. mikea hiooi

    mikea hiooi

    4 giorni fa

    If you're in Seattle order food from Snappy Dragon. That's my local business plug. lmao

    • Anal Commando

      Anal Commando

      2 giorni fa

      I looked it up. What a, ummm, interesting shade of green for the outside.

    • Loic Deniel

      Loic Deniel

      4 giorni fa

      Thank you, i work in a federal cyber-security department which goal is to find online scammers. Giving your family's buisness name is going to make my job a lot easier! More seriously, i'm just a webdev with a strong advice: don't go down this path. You can find well paid honest jobs as JS dev, especially in the current economic climate (though given your sorry-ass site you're going to need some more studying, feels like a "_back to the future_" remake with it's 90s design), and you're terribly awfull at covering your tracks. I mean, commenting your JS in chinese while advertizing with your YT bait accounts for a chinese restaurant (that is most likelly run by a family member...)? Lad you're sloppy as shit, you're going to end up with a 6 digits fine to pay if you keep that up... At least make the effort of writing the code to be generating your various accounts messages. These video-custom hand-made commentaries are a nice touch, but that's way too much work! You could at least make the effort of automating the process for god sake!

  65. Han HU

    Han HU

    4 giorni fa

    For GPU, I am quite sure it's the mining. Many desktop resellers in China now have large drops of sells due to the high-rise price.

    • Anal Commando

      Anal Commando

      2 giorni fa

      Yeah, its been 7 months since the release of the 3070/3080 and 5 months since the release of the 6800(xt) and stock is now harder to find than ever and prices keep going up. I was lucky enough to grab a 6800xt in Feb and now the same seller is listing it $160 more but its never in stock. There is just no reason that this problem is continuing and actually getting worse.



    4 giorni fa

    ZPG -- all u need to know : )



    4 giorni fa

    linus for prez.

  68. Vtg gas_295

    Vtg gas_295

    4 giorni fa

    I was going to build a PC, but it looks it will take 1 to two years to be finished :(

  69. Bintzak


    4 giorni fa

    4:15 24 hour version please.

  70. Edward Paulsen

    Edward Paulsen

    4 giorni fa

    I have several older PC's and laptops that had slowed to a crawl by being choked with old Windoze products... I changed the oldest (over a decade) over to Linux (Pop OS and Mandrake) and it is back to life and running as strong as more recent systems and are now my workhorses for certain applications... Others I just flushed and revamped... yes, I now have several systems running. but I am also able to easily split my workloads among systems so that my newest system can be dedicated to the most intensive programs/games without issue... I also can run resource heavier programs on other systems and just move data around on the network instead of taxing the heck out of one system by trying to run everything.. Prime example is running ITput videos and tutorials on a separate machine from my graphics / CAD machines... Doubling the "electricity load is still measured an a couple dollars (at best) per month as opposed to several thousand dollars for a single system to carry the heavier load.

  71. Elijah Ewanchuk

    Elijah Ewanchuk

    4 giorni fa

    I logged in after watching this on another device just to say: the pacing, editing, and narration of this video was on point, informative and interesting. Well done!

  72. PROMillenium


    4 giorni fa

    CEO Nvidia Asian, CEO AMD Asian = Production in Big Scale in Asia. Asia won't take $ and attack Bitcoin. Asian production stop = Asians are racist : ). Crypto Theory I broke much faster than You ];-D. PS Next step Intel must make CPU(GPU dedicate in one Motherboard) and broke business miners : ). PS Another help when Matrox from Canada made gamer GPU ];-D. PS Corporation buy Linus for this blabla : ) I don't trust you now siya. You don't know, but not much more Tantal in this World...soon chips business just broke.

  73. Robin Hodson

    Robin Hodson

    5 giorni fa

    It's a LOT cheaper to make caps and boards, than to run a fab.

  74. Gil Rybak

    Gil Rybak

    5 giorni fa

    Stalefish board company in bel air, md. It’s a skate, surf, snow, and clothing company run by two great guys.

  75. hellzenvy


    5 giorni fa

    Just bought a new pc with a 3080 in it. First one from Gigabyte was dead had to send that back they replaced it with a Asus Tuf. That one works flawless. According to the tech i was talking to during the RMA said they have had a Massive influx of the Gigabyte 3080 dying during shipping or shortly after they arrive in the customers hand. So stay away from gigabyte till they fix their shit.

  76. Jeff Power

    Jeff Power

    5 giorni fa

    10:30 as hilarious as I found that, it seems the deaf community will miss 2 minutes of your ranting lol

  77. Mikko Rantalainen

    Mikko Rantalainen

    5 giorni fa

    Closed captions are going haywire around 10:30 and forwards.

  78. Wurm


    5 giorni fa

    Subtitles are out of sync

  79. mike garwood

    mike garwood

    5 giorni fa

    You're missing the upstream supply chain and you're bitching about the wrong type of miners...well, actually the people/companies who do the "exploration" bit. LME Copper price has basically doubled over the last 12 months. It's "stabilized" around $9000USD/MT, right now (for how long?). Copper is required for all technology; I can't think of any industry that doesn't need copper in some way or another. Why has it spiked? Well, CoVID primarily--keeping miners out of the mines. A strong secondary reason--sourcing new copper deposits and opening new mines is down. That is something worth bitching about.

  80. escapenguin


    5 giorni fa

    Interesting video. This is why a lot of hosting companies ended up as big sloppy conglomerates. It's cheaper to buy another company and yoink their datacenters than it is to plan and build out a new one. Or it used to be. I can't even begin to imagine the cost involved with building or expanding a fab facility with all that expensive gear.

  81. GreenboiInc


    5 giorni fa

    i hate that you are right about it

  82. Shauka Hodan

    Shauka Hodan

    5 giorni fa

    means to do so PLEASE check out their stream, buy their album/merch, and support the bars & venues that host them. It’s been a rough year for us!

    • Sketchy Rubber ducky 245

      Sketchy Rubber ducky 245

      3 giorni fa

      It’s a bot

    • mikea hiooi

      mikea hiooi

      3 giorni fa

      If you're in Seattle order food from Snappy Dragon. That's my local business plug. lmao

  83. Americas Finest

    Americas Finest

    5 giorni fa

    Things are about to get really tight for everyone. The world has so many problems it’s just untenable.

  84. DragonRider425


    5 giorni fa

    Maybe if we didn't throw semiconductors into LITERALLY EVERYTHING, maybe the shortage may not have been so bad.

  85. KyleQuest


    5 giorni fa

    The problem with GPU's is Crypto Mining and pandemic price gouging. When a 3080's ROI is 3 months, it's fueling more and more mining speculation. Don't BS us, it's the unforeseen demand variable.

  86. Dahveed Perez

    Dahveed Perez

    5 giorni fa

    Am I drunk or was it more than 6 minutes till he said supply chain? Supply wasn't weak, Demand wasn't esoteric, it was the chain that was weak. Supply chain could not adapt quickly enough because a whole lot of money is tied up in paying out to investors then to paying into things to grow.

  87. DJJustFrank


    5 giorni fa

    Or maybe we need to build more Semiconducter facilities in the USA just like TWSC and Intel are doing. People buying more, sure. That will blip the system, but there are shortages across the board in all raw materials. Raw materials America doesn't make anymore. Do some critical thinking on this.

  88. indojin desu

    indojin desu

    5 giorni fa

    I work on firmware development for ECUs in cars. Our team is looking to change the microcontroller on which we worked for last 2 years to a different one, just because we won’t be able to get those in time. And we have a product release at the end of 2021. It’s crazy.

  89. thedillestpickle


    5 giorni fa

    I think China is just pouring salt in the wound

  90. Super Sophisticated

    Super Sophisticated

    5 giorni fa

    Yes but we must focus on the REAL problem here. *The labor wages*

  91. tSp289


    5 giorni fa

    Out of curiosity, I looked on ebay to see what my 1080ti would fetch. It's about £560. I bought it 2nd hand at the peak of the last shortage for £700, more than 2 years ago. That is insane.

  92. Miguel Ink

    Miguel Ink

    5 giorni fa

    you starting to look like a messi.

  93. Mat Salleh

    Mat Salleh

    5 giorni fa

    Yes, keep banning Chinese tech companies...

  94. Wim L.

    Wim L.

    5 giorni fa

    What about Global Foundries, the former manufacturing arm of AMD? They are not in the high end game? And are cars using chips on the latest

  95. Gaelin Looi

    Gaelin Looi

    5 giorni fa

    Do people really think that factories can just magick up capacity within months or even weeks? This is bleeding edge tech, not your run out of mill paper clip factories. Are people really this entitled and stupid? Ahh yes they are.

  96. Charlike Mike Reagent

    Charlike Mike Reagent

    5 giorni fa

    Oh cmon.. gamers gamers. It's shit narrative. Commercialism mindset of the west. Are you people can't stay with your hardware for 1-2 years and you constantly need to buy newer shit?! That's complete waste of bullshit paper money.

  97. Christoph Mahler

    Christoph Mahler

    6 giorni fa

    I notice *a concentration of 'essential infrastructure' like semi-conductor factories on US territory* , following the steady rise of US AMD market shares and the decline of Israeli INTEL. And I take not of it as geopolitical signal - arguably, towards _a 'war economy'_ .

  98. Cristian Pop

    Cristian Pop

    6 giorni fa

    "Fuck you, minors".... I'm sure that bit of video won't be used against you as a meme...I mean...this is the internetz. People are super nice here, right?

  99. Johnathan Doe

    Johnathan Doe

    6 giorni fa

    I am not really a "big breasts" guy. Can't we just recall all the breast implants from women and make more video cards? My Thors and Marines in Stacraft never let me down.

  100. Pierric Descamps

    Pierric Descamps

    6 giorni fa

    Margaret Thatcher would have loved you.

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