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Maybe Building Your Own PC is a BAD Idea

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PC Secret Shopper returns - with a twist. In this episode, Agent Sarah investigates the experience of building a computer herself with the help of PCPartPicker to determine whether it's better to buy a pre-built PC, or DIY.
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  1. Michael Hansen

    Michael Hansen

    10 minuti fa

    This video was just spot on.. i finished my own build (first time builder)last weekend.. after hours of “researching” parts here on ITput , I managed to put together a complete build, that , after 5 hours of anxious cold sweating and ‘try and error’ actually posted, booted up on my nvme m.2 ssd and installed Windows without anything blowing up or smelling weirdly.. that was such an amazing feeling, that It actually just worked out fine.. definately worth the sweaty hands. *intel 10400f, *Asrock B560m Steel Legend, *Be quiet Pure Rock 2, 3200 MHz ram and a rtx 3060ti.. Thank u for all the help I got from watching your (and other YT’s videos).. keep inspiring.. 🤟🤟

  2. F4113n


    20 minuti fa

    She is so cutty..and those eye's are like from shrek,this cat in boots;P so cute:)

  3. blackeliteops


    Ora fa

    get her to do hard line water cooling next

  4. Luc Gion

    Luc Gion

    Ora fa

    Funniest thing I’ve watched in a while 🤣🤣🤣

  5. SEMO


    Ora fa

    God bless Sarah 🙏😌

  6. TheFallenAngel


    Ora fa

    This shit gave me anxiety lmao

  7. TheFallenAngel


    Ora fa

    You really need to get that wing involved in PC talk more often

  8. Lightefied


    Ora fa

    Yeah the first 4 seconds i knew why he titled the video that

  9. ?


    2 ore fa

    Bang it a little harder

  10. Citrus Things

    Citrus Things

    2 ore fa

    14:46 This literally happened to me yesterday and I cannot separate the cpu from the removed heatsink CPU pins are all okay though!

  11. Hr1s7i


    3 ore fa

    I'll quote Jordan Peterson - "Reading is a superpower".

  12. Jiayue Guo

    Jiayue Guo

    3 ore fa

    Well when you have no idea how to do something, instead of keeping saying "I think blablabla", you can just learn some basics and read the manual which most of the components have in their package. And take respect to it. I mean, she act just like the stereotype of a girl who knows nothing about pc, but we all know it's just a stereotype, normal people won't act that way even if they're doing something they aren't familiar with. Yeah she is a ITputr, it is justified that she "act" like that to gain views.

  13. Ron S

    Ron S

    4 ore fa

    From knowing almost nothing, Sarah did a pretty decent job. I couldn't watch her put the parts together though. Too painful.

  14. stonix1992


    5 ore fa

    PornHub is, where men rape girls .... LinusTechHub is, where a girl rapes men :D

  15. iBenjamin


    5 ore fa

    I need a break after watching this, GG

  16. stonix1992


    5 ore fa

    "It seems very secury there, lets check this" ... shakes board .. linus "wwwhHHHYYYYYY ?!?!?!?!?" :D

  17. Rudy Madrigal

    Rudy Madrigal

    5 ore fa

    What a great actress...

  18. Alexei W.B.

    Alexei W.B.

    6 ore fa

    LOOSE THE MASKS LOL... TEXAS and FLORIDA have and they are doing great... so has SWEDEN just to name a few...

  19. OneTwentyOver80


    6 ore fa

    I may have done better on my first build but it also took me around 6 hours because I watched a separate video for every step and must have read the instructions 100 times. I would have been worse than this had I not hand held myself every step. (Maybe not shaking the parts or touching the thermal paste though)

  20. cavekas


    7 ore fa

    This was funny as hell but I think also very helpful to other beginners out there? :) And actually Sarah did it but with her own style/touch to it! :P (also touching the thermal compound) :D :D

  21. Toyo Masauce

    Toyo Masauce

    8 ore fa

    Linus: "I need to fire her immediately watching her is stressing me out."

  22. MI, U And I

    MI, U And I

    8 ore fa

    The first clip immediately gave me some time to think if I had a stroke or not...

  23. Kazmir Runik

    Kazmir Runik

    8 ore fa

    It took me 7 hours to build my first computer, once all the parts were in, but the only reference I really needed was the motherboard manual. That little booklet's your best friend in your first build.

  24. Sujal Krishna

    Sujal Krishna

    8 ore fa




    9 ore fa

    But hey, at least she is good looking! :D #noFront

  26. Ethan Brells

    Ethan Brells

    9 ore fa

    I think we need a Sarah reacting to Linus's POV video of this

  27. Kevin Lawson

    Kevin Lawson

    9 ore fa

    The computer shake , gotta remember that one.

  28. Roger Barraud

    Roger Barraud

    9 ore fa

    Well if Linus is a Dinosaur, then... I must be T.Rex, Baby!!1!! :-) Seriously, well done, Sarah! You are now officially a Geek! Here's to many more, progressively less-stressful builds. [I'd like to see LMG develop your Techo side seriously - if you're interested... You're obviously a seriously smart girl.]

  29. ׂ


    10 ore fa

    There is nothing worse than looking totally incompetent with millions of people watching, so kudos to Sarah for having the grit to agree to it!

  30. Szymon Grabarczyk

    Szymon Grabarczyk

    10 ore fa

    linus looks quite good in suit.

  31. Shirou8


    10 ore fa

    "You are also a dinosaur"

  32. AJ


    11 ore fa

    I love these types of videos. It's like watching Meet the parents. LTT you have put together an amazing team.

  33. DQuiLon


    12 ore fa

    Good thing she was gonna be gentle with "everything" I can't imagine her being rough

    • daniel reyns

      daniel reyns

      5 minuti fa

      Being rough involves using a sledgehammer to mount everything ... I guess :P

  34. Morad K

    Morad K

    13 ore fa

    24:51 I knew Linus was thinking about 69

  35. Akoto Sac

    Akoto Sac

    13 ore fa

    I survived watching Sarah build, this is scarier than Amityville TBH

  36. sehhi vooty

    sehhi vooty

    13 ore fa

    You have such a great employee! She had such a good attitude about the whole ordeal.

  37. Hebl von Heblowitz

    Hebl von Heblowitz

    14 ore fa

    12:20 Linus' reaction here is just priceless! And I completely agree with him.

  38. Inigo Montoya

    Inigo Montoya

    14 ore fa

    Still better than The Verge's video on how to build a PC.

  39. Sir John Johnson, The Eighty-Nineth

    Sir John Johnson, The Eighty-Nineth

    14 ore fa

    but jesus christ my heart is racing watching this. she is teriifying.

  40. Sir John Johnson, The Eighty-Nineth

    Sir John Johnson, The Eighty-Nineth

    14 ore fa

    she so cute. give her my number Linus.

  41. James McCarte

    James McCarte

    15 ore fa

    This video is hilarious, but it is also not fair having a non-geek building a computer

  42. Stig Niskanen

    Stig Niskanen

    16 ore fa

    Why would anyone who doesn't know anything about computers even contemplate of trying to build their own. There are more than a thousand ways to do it wrong. The whole idea is stupid. You might as well ask a five year old build a house...

  43. Marco Alessio Giovanni

    Marco Alessio Giovanni

    16 ore fa

    Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake Shake your Buildy Shake your Buildy.

  44. Frank Wales

    Frank Wales

    17 ore fa

    I think Linus has PCSD from watching Sarah figure stuff out

  45. Blackbirdone11


    17 ore fa

    "We just YOLO" i love her

  46. Cinder Block Studios

    Cinder Block Studios

    17 ore fa

    The only thing this tells me is that to build a PC you need a friend who has done it already...which I already knew. Also HOW DOES SHE NOT KNOW HOW TO READ INSTRUCTIONS!?

  47. Joseph Cocchi

    Joseph Cocchi

    18 ore fa

    Great video.

  48. Aleks Tobias

    Aleks Tobias

    18 ore fa


  49. BigSi


    18 ore fa

    safemoon to the moon !!!!

  50. TongueHead


    20 ore fa

    wow everyone is different. my first build was so easy but I spent an hour figuring out how the pins worked and how they hook up. she gets it right away lol

  51. Hey_Beter_


    20 ore fa

    I'm in pain

  52. Hey_Beter_


    20 ore fa

    I heard the parts screams over an entire ocean

  53. Hey_Beter_


    20 ore fa

    I just bought my Intel setup and it saved me from paying an extra 800$ for an shitty GPU

  54. Mickelodian Surname

    Mickelodian Surname

    21 ora fa

    Having said all this looking at a novice buy stuff to a budget is fucking fascinating.... jaysus this is the makings of a good YT channel in its own right.

  55. 1st_Luis


    21 ora fa

    7:45 You definitely YOLO, in some extent. In this context it would mean gather the pieces and checking the details later. I've seen MANY times how a given component does not fit (you name it, CPU cooler/AIO, RAM, some motherboard CPU incompatibility). I know there's a lot of research behind, but still 5#¡+ happens. Sometimes that's the fun part of a PC project.

  56. Mickelodian Surname

    Mickelodian Surname

    21 ora fa

    I'm fairly sure this Sarah lady is a bit pissed that this whole thing is not what she signed up for Linus....

  57. Dark Sanctuary Cinema

    Dark Sanctuary Cinema

    21 ora fa

    14:02 Linus: Stop Touching it! Me: She's exploring! she feels attracted to it, let her! x) For some reason, I like girls hands on pc parts more than a good looking woman riding her body against a car...

  58. Mr.NTR


    22 ore fa

    Remember the good old days when they said origin pc was way too expensive and only had a 1660 with it ? Those were better times

  59. TheGreatArchiteuthis


    22 ore fa

    I think Linus deserves workers comp for the mental injuries he sustained while making this video

  60. Algot Adolfsson

    Algot Adolfsson

    23 ore fa

    I really do not like watching this, It makes me very uncomftarble.

  61. Greynold Godrig

    Greynold Godrig

    23 ore fa

    She's hilarious xD Well I cringed a lot too, but still.

  62. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh

    23 ore fa

    Happy ending. Nice.

  63. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh

    23 ore fa

    Give me zombies, army battle gore, werewolves, necromancers, witchcraft and psycho's. Never again shall I watch this horror. It's too much. "SAW, the PC version"

    • ZMacZ Furreh

      ZMacZ Furreh

      23 ore fa

      Run for yer life little PC, RUN !!

    • ZMacZ Furreh

      ZMacZ Furreh

      23 ore fa

      I'm about to see the PC hacking off it's own powersupply trying to escape, through flamey acid.

  64. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh

    23 ore fa

    22:16 Butt clenching. I'll have trouble going potty today.

  65. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh

    Giorno fa

    20:38 Yea, I think just about every person knowing how to assemble a computer, went OMG.

    • ZMacZ Furreh

      ZMacZ Furreh

      Giorno fa

      For real, did that thing actually work after she 'hammered' it together ? Those poor parts..

  66. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh

    Giorno fa

    18:50 All those that cringed at this moment say "Aye" -Aye.

    • ZMacZ Furreh

      ZMacZ Furreh

      Giorno fa

      I can so imagine the with just a little bit of force upward connector going crunchy snappy and ruining that video card. Well, at least she wasn't using a hammer.

  67. Jake Jackson

    Jake Jackson

    Giorno fa

    I'm as terrified as I am happy she got the thing together.

  68. James Miller

    James Miller

    Giorno fa

    I feel like you learn more from this build than any of linus' tutorials

  69. The 69ers

    The 69ers

    Giorno fa

    She lowkey did a better job than Stefan Etienne.

  70. David Jackowski

    David Jackowski

    Giorno fa

    21:20 I think we've all made that choice at some point 🤣🤣

  71. Phonsey Donaghey

    Phonsey Donaghey

    Giorno fa

    this was sooooooooo hard to watch

  72. leandro del mistro

    leandro del mistro

    Giorno fa

    Every time she shook those components I was like noooooo pls stop this hurting me!

  73. George Wyckoff

    George Wyckoff

    Giorno fa

    Am I the only one that replayed 12:20 to 12:25 a few times as I laughed at his despair?

  74. Andrew Peterson

    Andrew Peterson

    Giorno fa

    Final boss: Linus the Pc Demon Watch out for the razor fans

  75. Canal do Aless

    Canal do Aless

    Giorno fa

    It was cringe, but hell, I had a lot of fun watching this. And I was happy for her when it turned out OK.

  76. It's Covarr

    It's Covarr

    Giorno fa

    What timing. I'm seeing this video literally two days after buying a computer. I bought a pre-built machine and don't regret it one bit, given the current prices of gpus. I slightly missed the experience of building, which I quite enjoy, but I also got to miss the stress of finding space to work in my tiny apartment, which I don't enjoy it all.

  77. Mitko Barandowski

    Mitko Barandowski

    Giorno fa

    Sarah's mom asks Sarah if the pasta is done Sarah: (Shakes the pasta out of the pot): I think yes

  78. Sergio Brinkhuis

    Sergio Brinkhuis

    Giorno fa

    For a first time builder, I think she did magnificent. I would not quite ask her to build mine yet though. :)

  79. Mitko Barandowski

    Mitko Barandowski

    Giorno fa

    Is no one going to talk about, that Sarah is taller than Linus🤣

  80. Sebastian Hirsch

    Sebastian Hirsch

    Giorno fa

    This video is a lot of fun, though what it is doing to Linus is just amazing ^^

  81. Vramnik7


    Giorno fa


  82. ZMacZ Furreh

    ZMacZ Furreh

    Giorno fa

    0:35 "Would she have had a good time ?" Umm, nope. Basically if you can't actually assemble a PC you have a lousy time, for the investment payed off zero. It's only fun if you're winning.

  83. Gustavo Araujo

    Gustavo Araujo

    Giorno fa

    shaking the MoBo to check if things are secure is like lighting a fosforus to check for gas leaks

  84. Mike Hall

    Mike Hall

    Giorno fa

    Building a PC isn't only about saving money on a great computer - it also gives you a sense of pride in what you've constructed with your own two hands running your games at max settings. There's just something about building that gives you a real connection to your PC. My own PC feels like my child. I created it and I have pride in it. It's something like five years old and it still runs everything on max. I love my PC.

  85. Antti Heinonen

    Antti Heinonen

    Giorno fa

    While looking at Linus with those white antennas, I cannot but help thinking about our poor Zedu De Luca who needs help.

  86. Cajva


    Giorno fa

    John Travolta's daughter builds her own PC

  87. Dal Eale

    Dal Eale

    Giorno fa

    Just shows you anyone can build a computer these days🤣

  88. AlphaGriff


    Giorno fa


  89. Twi Stud

    Twi Stud

    Giorno fa

    The pain, the suffering...

  90. quantae06


    Giorno fa

    14:42 Yes! It happened to me when I replaced my CPU fan. I was able to fix the pins with a razor blade and I put it back together. Thank God!!

  91. SpaceMonkeyEntertainment


    Giorno fa

    Seeing that GPU being manhandled is to PC builders what seeing another guy getting kicked in the groin is to all guys. Basically the same reaction, right ?

  92. Shiba Gamgee

    Shiba Gamgee

    Giorno fa

    Felt like I was going to die the entire time.

  93. Henrikas Zigmantas

    Henrikas Zigmantas

    Giorno fa

    This video is a horror movie for those who built their own pc's

  94. MonkeyMode


    Giorno fa

    I can build PC's and like to take apart old ones. But I'm scared to shit to work with new and expensive components. So I'm fine paying an extra $100 for the service of someone building and delivering a fully functioning, cablemanaged pc to my doorstep.

  95. Adwaith P V

    Adwaith P V

    Giorno fa

    24:47 - Locating logic 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  96. Philipp rdawg

    Philipp rdawg

    Giorno fa

    the commentary is god-like.

  97. h 2

    h 2

    Giorno fa

    Throw everything into the cart and decide later - how I order on Uber Eats.

  98. schfaun Harrington

    schfaun Harrington

    Giorno fa

    It’s fun when it’s not your money LOL if you’re building a computer yourself you had to work to get the money yup break something bye bye 💰

  99. homer landon

    homer landon

    Giorno fa

    What's her @??

  100. Rekha Mukherjee

    Rekha Mukherjee

    Giorno fa

    Pc build is not bad but the person who is building the pc should have knowledge and idea about hardware stuffs😀