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We usually show off the latest and greatest in tech, but what about what we actually use? Today we're giving you a show and tell of LMG's top tech, and the stories behind each piece.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. TheChrevil


    Ora fa

    I would love to see Madison take her Laptop to Louis Rossman just to see his reaction.

  2. Merry Midlight

    Merry Midlight

    11 ore fa

    Very cool!!

  3. Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    12 ore fa

    Mine is an old ibm think pad I don't even remember the model of since it was my first tech item back in like 2011 or something (I don't remember) the hard drive died and then I got a t61 but yeah, I miss that thing

  4. jakemandel92


    15 ore fa

    Yo wasn't she just a fan that won a computer upgrade? They added her to staff or am I missing something?

  5. IC 1011

    IC 1011

    Giorno fa

    Colin has so many passion

  6. soren myers

    soren myers

    Giorno fa

    O you can still shove an Ethernet cabil in there big “ouf”



    Giorno fa

    Madison is all over the video It's like she has tech career not streaming career

  8. Jerry202


    2 giorni fa

    Linus never trusts his team 😂

  9. Sylar Gray

    Sylar Gray

    2 giorni fa

    omg Madison actually got job there. YES ITS ALL WE EVER DREAMED OFF

  10. Ricky Morales

    Ricky Morales

    2 giorni fa

    How does his Dreamcast still work?? Mine won’t even load the games anymore.

  11. Hellwyck


    3 giorni fa

    Madison is correct - Costco chicken wings are delish! However I cannot find them in the UK where I'm from so I have to believe I've eaten them all ;)

  12. Woostty


    3 giorni fa

    Spit on it, and put it in...

  13. zeonic_keys


    4 giorni fa

    I used to use burned boot discs to run PC game cds on the Dreamcast... that was my first foray into hacking too

  14. Christopher Doran

    Christopher Doran

    4 giorni fa

    I really cannot begin to try to express how happy Andy's passion for film photography makes me

  15. calder bennetts

    calder bennetts

    4 giorni fa

    wait pc build girl works for linus now?

  16. Emil Persson

    Emil Persson

    4 giorni fa

    I hate the anoying Madison

  17. Mr.Aptronym


    4 giorni fa

    Really enjoyed this more personal content as a change of pace. Just immediately seeing Anthony bring out the dreamcast... I feel you. Still an unbelievable catalogue and a unique system. Madison perpetually witty and charming. Colin bringing actually amazing tech in. Andy with such a sentimental piece. (I have never understood cameras, but his description makes me desperately want to)

  18. comicsansgreenkirby


    4 giorni fa

    Yeah, but Pulseway seems business-oriented. It's got a required field for a *company email.* What about personal use??

  19. AnimationHUB


    4 giorni fa


  20. zniper4ever


    4 giorni fa

    I got a LTT honey ad for this video

  21. xVnon


    5 giorni fa

    Surely you let Colin do a video on fpv drones that'll be sick and I'm sure this community would be all for it

  22. jrm250


    5 giorni fa

    This video was great until the end... and then Linus showed up.

  23. Swag Mcgee

    Swag Mcgee

    5 giorni fa

    The privacy link doesn't actually link to privacy, it links to a dead giveaway with no way to get to privacy except by goggling it.

  24. BigUrb65


    5 giorni fa

    she spits on it and works lmao

  25. Martin Salter

    Martin Salter

    5 giorni fa

    The drone drift videos hit home very hard

  26. Tomas Velasquez velez

    Tomas Velasquez velez

    6 giorni fa

    e30 mid drift me: am i watching donut media?

  27. Jack Conway

    Jack Conway

    6 giorni fa

    I'd love to see more of this!

  28. Best & Worst

    Best & Worst

    6 giorni fa

    I think we need more Andy his story just about a damn camera had me glued to the screen lol

  29. frank furr

    frank furr

    6 giorni fa

    Want stickers! Why no available?!?

  30. Varler


    6 giorni fa

    I can't accurately describe how happy I am to see more Madison. Lol.

  31. Eric Neiman

    Eric Neiman

    6 giorni fa

    Love you guys. Awesome... just awesome.

  32. Chris Forrester

    Chris Forrester

    6 giorni fa

    Yeah definitely enjoyed this video and the intel ones. Thanks for the content LTT

  33. JawKnee86


    6 giorni fa

    I thought about this one. I use a lot of really nifty gizmos in my life. And often times in my work, people will hesitantly ask if I can do something for them, expecting it to be a maybe a bit much to ask of me, just to end up astonished at how easily and quickly some gadget handled the problem. I love to always answer their questions of bewilderment with a simple "We live in the future." Because we really do. That being said though, and on the record I would NEVER trade my personal PC for this today, but none the less I think my favorite piece of tech ever may be the Wii U. It truly was an amazing machine, often times being more enjoyable to use for casual PC tasks than my laptop even. The marketing was as abysmal as the naming scheme, and for that most people don't seem to actually understand what it was, nor what it was capable of being. I really do hope that the next Nintendo console, if not some grand innovation to how games are played as is Nintendo's IMO, may be some combination of the Wii U and the Switch. All of that being said, I'd like to point out that my Valve Index would have been my top pick if I didn't care so much as I do to see couch co-op games return to the level of popularity they once had.

  34. MegaNewmin


    7 giorni fa

    All those Leica photos look insane

  35. Mario Cruz

    Mario Cruz

    7 giorni fa

    I loved this video idea!!!

  36. trip


    7 giorni fa


  37. trip


    7 giorni fa

    his dreamcast is so dank. i remember mine being a bright color

  38. HeHasHivemind


    7 giorni fa

    This video is precious

  39. Just Devix

    Just Devix

    7 giorni fa

    Mega oof lands girl is there lol

  40. Glada Rider

    Glada Rider

    7 giorni fa

    HOLY SHIT.. Is it actually that girl we wanted on linustechtips??

  41. Ronald Lance Teel Byers

    Ronald Lance Teel Byers

    8 giorni fa

    That was awesome! Loved it!

  42. Ed O'Neill

    Ed O'Neill

    8 giorni fa

    6:05 "these are chicken sticks"? Umm no they aren't this girl is so wacky. Where does she come up with this stuff?? haha

  43. Saulo Vilanova

    Saulo Vilanova

    8 giorni fa

    Don't talk about Dreamcast as if it was 3000 years ago. It still feels as if it was yesterday. : )

  44. Situatie


    8 giorni fa

    Anthony has the voice of an angel and seems like an amazing guy.

  45. Just Gabe

    Just Gabe

    8 giorni fa

    Love this type of video!!!!

  46. Isaac Bello

    Isaac Bello

    9 giorni fa

    I love this.

  47. Michael Brown

    Michael Brown

    9 giorni fa

    I didnt catch what that camera guys name was, but we need more of him

  48. MIKEaddictedtoYT


    9 giorni fa

    I love andy, he's just so humbly passionate about his hobbies. I feel like I could listen to him talk about that stuff for hours, his subtle excitement gets me all jazzed

  49. Vincent Sullivan

    Vincent Sullivan

    9 giorni fa

    Awesome! Thanks for the insight, had no idea about the Dream Cast.

  50. Sean Romano

    Sean Romano

    9 giorni fa

    4:44 her ig username is literally "suuuoppp" lol

  51. JHJfarmer


    9 giorni fa

    Madison talking about chicken wings made me 1 am hungry

  52. SharcusAF


    9 giorni fa

    still love that of all people they hired Madison who literally is the worst with tech :D

  53. C V

    C V

    9 giorni fa

    im a simple man. i see a guy with his dreamcast. i click like. and tbh, the dreamcast is fucking awesome. this thing had a built in modem when most people did not realize the internet is "a thing"

  54. Luke


    9 giorni fa

    i'm so in love with this girl

  55. Rainbow Nati

    Rainbow Nati

    10 giorni fa

    Why does everyone talk about Sega as if they stopped existing? Don't they make the majority of arcade game machines, along with Bandai Namco?

  56. Leo U.

    Leo U.

    11 giorni fa

    Let's go Colin 💪

  57. David Orr

    David Orr

    11 giorni fa

    How long before LTT builds a gaming system into a drift car? I heard you like drifting, so I put some drifting in your drifting.

  58. Juanyeizi


    11 giorni fa

    That's a true pro photo maniac, it's so interesting

  59. Juanyeizi


    11 giorni fa

    I can genuinely picture Madison at the braille house in the braille jump, joking around with Aaron and winning Jamba Juices, wow, that was unexpectedly expected but totally ignored by me.

  60. Juanyeizi


    11 giorni fa

    I love you, Anthony. Let Anthony host Meme review (try minoxidil, bud, It helped me out)

  61. Suzy


    11 giorni fa

    I think this is my favorite video

  62. Carlos Ferrari

    Carlos Ferrari

    11 giorni fa

    4:13 - wait so not only she got hired despite having a MacBook (what, no RGB and no Windows?! How!!!??) but she is also a testament to how tough MacBooks really are?! That doesn't make sense is this Bizarro World LTT and everything is 'backwards'…? lol

  63. Tanner Wendell Stewart

    Tanner Wendell Stewart

    11 giorni fa

    that Noctilux is such an amazing lens...

  64. Christopher Fisher

    Christopher Fisher

    11 giorni fa

    Bruh RESPEK for the dreamcast. Like damn man, definitely feeling it! FYI, games can be burned for these (But they eat up lenses). There is some cool mods for it though.

  65. Matt Roncarati

    Matt Roncarati

    11 giorni fa

    This is my favorite video you have ever made

  66. rkmugen


    11 giorni fa


  67. SirenRain


    11 giorni fa

    I love how passionate everyone is about their respective things, everyone is super great to listen to, even M-Dog.

  68. Erwick D'Souza

    Erwick D'Souza

    11 giorni fa

    Madison is funny AF. I love everyone on LTT, but, Jesus, Madison is funny.

  69. MaxAtTheMax


    11 giorni fa

    I'm glad that Madisson knows that it's always nice to spit on things before you put them in the right hole.

  70. Ivan B

    Ivan B

    12 giorni fa

    coupon = koopon, you = ?? ........ Oo are right, Madison. :)

  71. Ryan Duffy

    Ryan Duffy

    12 giorni fa

    This is great. I like how each year Tested gets people from their channel on the camera to share their favourite gear that year.

  72. Jasiel Witherspoon

    Jasiel Witherspoon

    12 giorni fa

    that moment when the drone is poorly tuned and you just cringe watching the feed.

  73. PyClox


    12 giorni fa

    i like how madison got a job from rog rig reboot

  74. Cameron Young

    Cameron Young

    13 giorni fa

    please do more of these... I loved this

  75. Joseph Dizon

    Joseph Dizon

    13 giorni fa

    To LTT and Linus, Good job finding madison on that rig reboot episode. I Love seeing her and I can never get tired of her epic stories and comebacks hahah Go Madison !! hahah

  76. Wigadama


    13 giorni fa

    ᶜᵃⁿ ᵃⁿʸᵒⁿᵉ ˢᵉᵉ ᵐʸ ᵗⁱⁿʸ ᶜᵒᵐᵐᵉⁿᵗ ?

  77. Roi Dan

    Roi Dan

    13 giorni fa


  78. Mohammed Sharaf

    Mohammed Sharaf

    13 giorni fa

    great video

  79. Leon Andres Rojas Martinez

    Leon Andres Rojas Martinez

    13 giorni fa

    2000 Webcam... Onlyfans? jajajaja

  80. Daniel Corbe

    Daniel Corbe

    13 giorni fa

    I think Anthony and Madison would make a cute couple.

  81. Hazak


    13 giorni fa

    Colin, you need some help with your PID tune ;)

  82. Alain Williams

    Alain Williams

    13 giorni fa

    i love her

  83. sirBumpyCase


    13 giorni fa

    since when did the female work there?

  84. millenniumtree


    13 giorni fa

    Love to see Madison on here. ;D

  85. D Hawthorne

    D Hawthorne

    15 giorni fa

    I loved this. Do some more. I can't begin to imagine what Riley's most treasured tech is. Luke's is probably the most expensive one he managed to get for free.

  86. Lexheart Gaming

    Lexheart Gaming

    15 giorni fa

    Damn that sega dreamcast takes me back (controller, memory and all) was so in love with Sonic adventures 2 and powerstone at the time

  87. Mohsin Omar

    Mohsin Omar

    15 giorni fa

    Not gonna lie, I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.

  88. Justin Milton

    Justin Milton

    15 giorni fa

    Please do another show-and-tell! I'd love to see more of the staff's favourite piece of tech

  89. shottingham


    15 giorni fa

    I'll never forget playing Sonic on the Dreamcast and just how incredible it looked. Then there was my friend who rocked up to school, with his VMU and we were all in awe. This was after the N64 and Tamagotchi. Good times. Edit: I still have a pair of SOAP skate shoes. :D

  90. TheRebelOG


    15 giorni fa

    I thought Madison was on some sort of probation and couldn't be on camera for a while. ??

  91. Scott Setzke

    Scott Setzke

    15 giorni fa

    Spitting on it then putting it back in does most definitely work

  92. Apurva Mishra

    Apurva Mishra

    16 giorni fa

    The new girl at 6:00 is straight clown.

  93. Posch


    16 giorni fa

    May we have more videos with Andy talking about Camera gear

  94. swankdiddly


    16 giorni fa

    Great video, but this weird thing happened during the middle where I just kinda spaced out and lost time until the third entry.

  95. Jasmin Byers

    Jasmin Byers

    16 giorni fa

    RIP ON RESPECT how people say stuff dont like it back off punk .!

  96. Mike Dolan Fliss

    Mike Dolan Fliss

    16 giorni fa

    Dreamcast! Enjoyed the heck out of Virtua Fighter 2 as a kid.

  97. Shiniman


    16 giorni fa

    I respect madison for her taste of wings

  98. Joshua


    16 giorni fa

    Anthony X Scott The Woz collab when?

  99. Michael Bolchunas

    Michael Bolchunas

    16 giorni fa

    Skies of Arcadia

  100. Midori Schaaf

    Midori Schaaf

    16 giorni fa

    OMG. Give Madison a new computer already.

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