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Our First Build Together in YEARS! - Luke Personal Rig Update 2021

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It's been years since Linus and Luke have done a build together, and since Luke's previous "Geodude" build was in need of some serious TLC, today, we upgrade it.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Abdanamah Gaming

    Abdanamah Gaming

    Ora fa

    Luke is so thankful of whatever linus puts in his pc

  2. Abdanamah Gaming

    Abdanamah Gaming

    Ora fa

    12:03 he dropped himself instead of a product.

  3. Emiliano


    2 ore fa

    take the guy to a doc..why is he laughing so much? (iand i'm even skipping over his hideous laugh "style"') i like the channel a lot but this video scored as super annoying... also the lack of care for hardware that people can only dream about didn't help

  4. Owen Som

    Owen Som

    3 ore fa

    Where does luke work now

  5. Bert Visscher

    Bert Visscher

    5 ore fa

    If I would have allowed my computer to become that bad, I would have been terribly embarrassed!

  6. Jaz


    8 ore fa

    Luke plays tarkov. What a Chad. Respect

  7. Cool Legends Gaming

    Cool Legends Gaming

    10 ore fa

    It's so good to see luke in a video other than Wan Show

  8. Scott Kittlitz

    Scott Kittlitz

    14 ore fa

    "lets turn it off because it smells" *turns it on*

  9. Lone_Wolf Adventure Camping and Exploring

    Lone_Wolf Adventure Camping and Exploring

    15 ore fa

    Let’s turn it off cuz it smells as he turns the power supply on lol

  10. omegatotal


    16 ore fa

    Linus: "lets turn it off because it really smells" editor: cuts to clip of psu power being turned on

  11. je modz

    je modz

    16 ore fa

    Who else remembers when Linus used to call Luke, slick ?

  12. Catatonic Galaxy

    Catatonic Galaxy

    17 ore fa

    i want that motherboard and water res.... fuk u . Now i have to buy more stuff... i have an evga 3080.

  13. RepeatYourself


    21 ora fa

    Lol I like Luke’s loud laugh

  14. xx CLYDE xx

    xx CLYDE xx

    Giorno fa

    i drool when someone has a pc and this video makes my jaw drop and drool. Im excited to be an adult and work to buy a pc

  15. karl haxthausen

    karl haxthausen

    Giorno fa

    Colton got tall

  16. TheDeveer


    Giorno fa

    Jesus, could've spent at least $150 Luke on a case man...

  17. wildcardNS


    Giorno fa

    3:49 imagine giving LTT a 5950x instead of someone who actually can't get one. Don't tell me LTT doesn't have a rolodex of people to call to get their hands on this stuff.

  18. Jakub Ševčík

    Jakub Ševčík

    Giorno fa

    aaa i remmber the video where it was build ddaaaaamn thats looooong time ago..

  19. Steven Butler

    Steven Butler

    Giorno fa

    I totally missed Luke in videos. Another season of Scrapyard Wars is definitely needed. Maybe get a bunch of legitimately broken hardware that you have to try and get working again lol.

  20. InPad III InPad III

    InPad III InPad III

    Giorno fa

    Why aren’t the crystals backlit with pulsating light????

  21. Sean Li

    Sean Li

    Giorno fa

    cant even watch the video, hes laughing 90% of the time lmao

  22. William Oh

    William Oh

    Giorno fa

    Bruh luke's Laugh AHAHHAAHAHAH

  23. Lonewanderer30


    Giorno fa

    Slick is getting heavy!

  24. Hxrvey


    2 giorni fa

    Jesus who wants to send ME a donor cpu?

  25. Arthur Majaducon

    Arthur Majaducon

    2 giorni fa

    Late to the party but when did Luke become a Viking?

  26. Alister Malcolm

    Alister Malcolm

    2 giorni fa

    luke is literally one of my favourite people ever, what a guy

  27. Chauncey White

    Chauncey White

    2 giorni fa

    Come back Luke 😭

  28. Woostty


    3 giorni fa

    That Phanteks case is amazing, my old PC case! I have an extra side panel if Luke needs one!!



    3 giorni fa

    Kapan aku punya pc seperti itu, Haduh lega hati ini liat nya

  30. N. amir

    N. amir

    3 giorni fa

    16:32 close your eyes and it will be different

  31. Stipz


    3 giorni fa

    @20:41 Editor : PROBED huh?

  32. EthanHellisHere 1

    EthanHellisHere 1

    3 giorni fa

    at first I thought the rocks and cables were onions

  33. Gunners-x-


    3 giorni fa

    Legend has it, he's still left hanging.

  34. Gunners-x-


    3 giorni fa

    Just of of general curiosity, why did Luke leave? Does anyone know...

  35. Tunir Majumder

    Tunir Majumder

    4 giorni fa

    Linus - Hi!!!!! Luke - Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  36. BariNerd


    4 giorni fa

    Linus: Let's turn it off it smells. Also Linus: *Proceeds to turn the power supply on* My Brain: Did he just.... Does he..... HUH??

  37. MakeSh00t


    4 giorni fa

    I installed 5600x.... and after 1 week system shuts down.,. in midle of the game cs go.. and i turn .. and it shuts down before windows open.. 3rd time shuts down after bios load few seconds... I turn off computer for 5 minutes .. cable out and i start again it works.. Next day after 30 minutes gaming same thing.. 2 times.. 3rd time works..Than i turn off computer for 10 minutes.. I check cable.. Obvious Something is wrong.. I check cable spliter.. 1 was very hot adapter.. ANd i removed him it was for gaming wheel ..Than i Open case cpu remove i turn around i i found something brown.. IT sticked in 5 pins... like diagonal square.. I spend 4 hours to remove it... I do not know how it gets in. I was carefull like hell to remove it.. Than i use hair drier to warm up alitel ... and becomes easier to remove... And i take brush it gets fully cleaned... Than i put thermal paste back cooler from ryzen 3600x... And it reaches 28.9c idle and CCD temp were 26.7C... How can be that stupid mistake ??? ANd yes ii cleaned everything whole case after that .. it toke me like an hour... Never in my life.. Now it works fine... Lower temp and even more fps... It was dust from cooler that fall down on MB and i did not notice... when i put cpu back from install.. I was to happy when i get thaT CPU in stock.

  38. Stian


    4 giorni fa

    Can it run tarkov = 2021 can it run crysis. Not a even a joke.

  39. W K

    W K

    4 giorni fa

    luke plays tarkov? LETS GOOOOOOO

  40. Aleks


    4 giorni fa

    why did he leave, or did you made him leave linus! thank you sponsor for the cpu! :O btw luke... i did the same so, you need to lose weight luke! :O

  41. Emilie


    4 giorni fa

    Luke rocking a Reaper-IR M1A, that’s how you know this man only plays Tarkov

  42. Dennis


    4 giorni fa

    goofy that u?

  43. Clinterus


    5 giorni fa

    Luke's laugh is the happy juice I needed today.

  44. clint lynch

    clint lynch

    5 giorni fa

    Hearing Luke's laugh after so long is the thing I didn't know I needed until now

  45. InnoCyn3ce


    5 giorni fa

    16:28 close your eyes and listen again

  46. Joshua Most

    Joshua Most

    5 giorni fa

    That starwars line was really funny just because Linus actually knows a not so common quote

  47. Seigemann


    5 giorni fa

    how do you loose a sidepanel?? did the sidepanel fairies take it in the night, or did luke get absolutely blitzed and use it as a frisbee?

  48. chris zarganis

    chris zarganis

    5 giorni fa

    nice video though

  49. chris zarganis

    chris zarganis

    5 giorni fa

    linus an nvidia employe gives the guy an 2080ti which tested in my computer plays more jerky than a 5700 xt in battlefield and has a washed-out image which even my fiance had noticed .. ok follow what he says dear sheep

  50. Sausage Maan

    Sausage Maan

    5 giorni fa

    i can't with the star wars reference

  51. Vicente Solorio

    Vicente Solorio

    5 giorni fa

    16:30-16:43 Close your eyes and imagine what's going on

  52. Joseph Mathew

    Joseph Mathew

    5 giorni fa

    the background music kept me on the edge of my seat. The suspense was amazing.

  53. Daylon Ptolemy

    Daylon Ptolemy

    5 giorni fa

    He almost has a Seth rogan laugh 😂😂

  54. Dylan P

    Dylan P

    6 giorni fa

    My computer may be almost 7 years old but at least its not dusty. I mean is was that dusty before but not any more

  55. Márcio de Paiva Rodrigues

    Márcio de Paiva Rodrigues

    6 giorni fa

    19:19 Look at Linus' joyful gaze at Luke. He probably misses the hell out of him. Such a cool video

  56. Cekcons


    6 giorni fa

    can I have old parts ?

  57. Dravid Kumar

    Dravid Kumar

    6 giorni fa

    *linus in pain* llt store dot com 🤣 bravo dedication off the roof

  58. JB6789


    6 giorni fa

    4:44 A regular spit roast.

  59. Sikkbeetz


    6 giorni fa

    Linus, you spaz!🤣

  60. TheNaits123


    6 giorni fa

    16:30 close your eyes while listening to this >_>

  61. Sti__


    6 giorni fa

    oh man I've missed Luke so much. I'm going to rewatch all of scrapyard wars because of that now.

  62. Eglu Megad

    Eglu Megad

    6 giorni fa

    I will take my subscription back unless we get to see Luke more

  63. Robert Burke

    Robert Burke

    6 giorni fa

    honestly, i would be embarrassed to have people know I treat my belongings that way. Especially as a developer/gamer.

  64. M1nat0


    7 giorni fa

    Having breakfast while watching this video was a mistake.

  65. Ban Greed

    Ban Greed

    7 giorni fa

    wait Luke doesnt work there anymore? :(

  66. high risk

    high risk

    7 giorni fa

    yay Slick is back

  67. Zero2Infinity


    7 giorni fa

    Man I do miss Luke working at LTT, dude be funny sometimes.

  68. Omveer M

    Omveer M

    7 giorni fa

    You’d think the person to give the channel a RYZEN 5950X would be given a better name than just “a fan of the channel”

  69. Spykersan


    7 giorni fa

    Linus: will tackle lighting gear for merch selling!

  70. Spykersan


    7 giorni fa

    Isn't a Linus video without dropping something!

  71. RecklessNEWB


    7 giorni fa

    awesome shit man

  72. Reno Zed

    Reno Zed

    7 giorni fa

    That's dirty??? In mine there is probably a new entire ecosystem.

  73. Rodney


    8 giorni fa

    The domineering lemonade cumulatively tease because pine unquestionably complain astride a married cuban. unsuitable, present sock

  74. Cerelia Feiyin

    Cerelia Feiyin

    8 giorni fa

    holy shit luke shakes more than an alcholic

  75. theend is near

    theend is near

    8 giorni fa

    Besides listen to the news on tv do you know any one that's died from covid-19 if so they went to the hospital and they did it

  76. Manwitha Machinegun

    Manwitha Machinegun

    8 giorni fa

    Luke, wtf.... that CPU repair job, holy crap

  77. KoalaPassion


    8 giorni fa

    Not to break the illusion too much, but Ryzen power cycles several times and it always freaks me out. Granted the stakes are real when you solder pins or even bend them back, such a great feeling when it works

  78. Samuel Lawrence

    Samuel Lawrence

    8 giorni fa

    pulls out 2080ti "its not the latest, but its the greatest" Me, watching with a 5950x and a 1660ti :(

  79. Dunc P

    Dunc P

    8 giorni fa

    I miss Luke... his laugh is epic!

  80. Nick Nikes

    Nick Nikes

    8 giorni fa

    If he's getting all this stuff for free why wouldn't he just buy another case before this all started This isn't give a homeless guy a PC

  81. نیما نیک

    نیما نیک

    8 giorni fa

    Is he high?

  82. NicebutDim


    8 giorni fa

    This is a clean PC... You should see mine.

  83. Brayedin ツ

    Brayedin ツ

    8 giorni fa

    OH... MY.

  84. VC games

    VC games

    8 giorni fa

    that guy is so annoying

  85. Baqir Zaidi

    Baqir Zaidi

    9 giorni fa

    Linus: speaks Luke: HOU HA HA HAAAA

  86. Anderson McCall

    Anderson McCall

    9 giorni fa

    18:07 that geodude update with the geodude cry electronica freaking killed me

  87. EM


    9 giorni fa

    Linus should change this channel name to something else and stop showing up in videos because he's annoying lol. Makes no difference to him since he still gets the money being the owner. But maybe he can attract a bigger audience if he stops being on videos lol.

  88. Valay Salve

    Valay Salve

    9 giorni fa

    11:54 The camera literally has an exoskeleton attached to him. That's a lot of effort even though he knows that he won't even be in front of the camera

    • Valay Salve

      Valay Salve

      6 giorni fa

      @Will Prosor Yeah thought so.

    • Will Prosor

      Will Prosor

      6 giorni fa

      It's an easyrig which is used to redistribute the camera weight to your hips instead of your back.

  89. Ynavoj Apataz

    Ynavoj Apataz

    9 giorni fa

    Luke has the funniest geek laugh. I love him! 🤣🤣🤣

  90. ducc


    9 giorni fa

    16:30 Close your eyes and imagine what's going on

  91. gabrieltorres5


    9 giorni fa

    Congratz, looks horrible! Hahaha

  92. Elliot Gray

    Elliot Gray

    9 giorni fa

    3:24 #LinusDropTips

  93. WarMage


    9 giorni fa original build was 4 years ago, for those looking for it

  94. Ayumu Aikawa

    Ayumu Aikawa

    10 giorni fa

    if you listen without looking at 16:33 ;)

  95. chrisdotdash


    10 giorni fa

    13:21 this actually broke me

  96. Barbok


    10 giorni fa

    I miss Luke

  97. Eben Swanepoel

    Eben Swanepoel

    10 giorni fa

    He treats that pc like its the inside of a vacuum cleaner. While I'm treating my i7 2600 gt 710 pc like its royalty.

  98. AAB2


    10 giorni fa

    He needs to up his DPI a tiny bit 😂😂

  99. Dreyk Blue

    Dreyk Blue

    10 giorni fa

    me 3 minutes into LTT video - ohh Linus didn't drop anything so far.... never mind

  100. Aaron Jessome

    Aaron Jessome

    10 giorni fa

    Respect to luke for playing the greatest shooter ever made!

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