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The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC!

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ASUS asked us to check out their new RTX 3090 white edition and it's so cool that we decided to do an entire white-themed build around it. This is gonna be sweet.
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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  1. Cleorina


    2 ore fa

    The only thing i can afford is to watch ITput unboxing 3090 bec i cant afford this gpu bec i cost me here half year salary to buy one on MSRP and now price up too high only in my dream can afford. but still happy rocking 1070 Ti on 2021 tho.

  2. alex kop

    alex kop

    2 giorni fa

    Wow it's so perfect!!!😢 can I have it?

  3. J p

    J p

    2 giorni fa

    Hey, could I have a link for the rgb fan hub you used (the one you swapped the case fan hub for). Cause I'm trying to reproduce the build. Thank's in advance.

  4. Yep


    2 giorni fa

    4 juicers xqcS

  5. Brian Barnett

    Brian Barnett

    2 giorni fa

    I need this build. I haven't upgraded my PC in 5 years 😭 I'm in washington linus let me buy this from you guys! Lol

  6. Да Малыш

    Да Малыш

    2 giorni fa

    *White supremacy intensifies*

  7. Noir.


    2 giorni fa

    it looks so clean.

  8. Mc_Fluffy


    2 giorni fa

    xQcL brotherman



    3 giorni fa

    This pc same like in my dream... Hihihi

  10. Murdoc’s Left Ball

    Murdoc’s Left Ball

    3 giorni fa

    Im working on a all white setup and I love it sm

  11. GTURTLETACO Snipes


    3 giorni fa

    This is so racist BLM It’s just a joke

  12. Brendan Young

    Brendan Young

    3 giorni fa

    ill give you an arm wrestle for that GPU. ill use my weak arm even. :-)

  13. Isteng


    4 giorni fa

    i feel even more poor

  14. Ron Bali

    Ron Bali

    5 giorni fa


  15. Arnotarus


    5 giorni fa

    Me : Chilling on youtube ITput recommendations : "Do you want to see how poor you are"

  16. MTG _4

    MTG _4

    5 giorni fa

    this pc is made to be used with a white glorius model o

  17. Kwikki


    5 giorni fa

    Can someone let me know the model of ASUS monitor he is using?

  18. Obamos


    6 giorni fa

    Juicers rise 😂

  19. LizardGamer


    6 giorni fa

    That’s so racist

    • LizardGamer


      6 giorni fa


  20. You You

    You You

    6 giorni fa

    Coke called, said they want this pc to be less white...

  21. Camaro Charger

    Camaro Charger

    7 giorni fa

    You shouldn't have done that man cuz all those "White" components in that PC kinda feel threatened by the minority of "Black" components.

  22. meme1ng


    7 giorni fa

    Istg glasswire makes at least 75% of its revenue from LTT

  23. Aaron Backlund

    Aaron Backlund

    7 giorni fa

    So the Dennis Bulid?

  24. XNaitikRuleZX


    7 giorni fa

    I wish I had this pc. This is my actual dream pc

  25. Alastair Williams

    Alastair Williams

    8 giorni fa

    Other games: 60 FPS at 1080p on an old 1060 Cyberpunk2077: 60 FPS at 1080p from a 3090...

  26. adel


    8 giorni fa

    dont u guy s have a sesonic snow white 1600 watts powersupply

  27. qwe mjk

    qwe mjk

    8 giorni fa

    The jolly english postoperatively deceive because helicopter spatially guide near a narrow cultivator. placid, conscious reaction

  28. wUnp


    8 giorni fa

    Seeing all these sick GPUs and realizing that all of them are rotting in a mining closets makes me furious

  29. espin tait

    espin tait

    8 giorni fa

    do you do giveaways

    • espin tait

      espin tait

      Giorno fa

      @Cpt. Drednawt pls i have a laptop its 9 years old

    • Cpt. Drednawt

      Cpt. Drednawt

      7 giorni fa

      i can give away a $8000 pc .jpg

  30. Toi Tran

    Toi Tran

    9 giorni fa

    Can i have this? No? ******

  31. Krish Brooks

    Krish Brooks

    9 giorni fa

    When the ram is more than your entire PC

  32. Lorine Necro

    Lorine Necro

    9 giorni fa

    "ALL-WHITE " but it isn't all white is it, smh, I'm not mad I'm disappointed lintus techno hips.

  33. Jason Mcclean

    Jason Mcclean

    9 giorni fa

    I am making that exact same build thank you all so much thank

  34. Alex Baldwin

    Alex Baldwin

    9 giorni fa

    Bruh wtf his fuking ram cost basically as much as my build ;(

  35. Thic Birb

    Thic Birb

    10 giorni fa


  36. TheBlueWeeb


    10 giorni fa

    That pc is sooo white that it got us citizenship

  37. Jay


    10 giorni fa

    Linus playing Cyberpunk: "How'd the cops get here so fast?" Shady Project Red: 🙄

  38. Buboy


    10 giorni fa

    Should be an all white sponsor.

  39. Fixxxer Kanji

    Fixxxer Kanji

    10 giorni fa

    you could change those rams for the corsair rgb vengance white one's

  40. David Emteborg Dabrio

    David Emteborg Dabrio

    10 giorni fa

    The white supremacist build

  41. ThatsABruhMoment


    10 giorni fa

    He said "white power supply" instead of "white psu" on purpose 👀

  42. Bernard O'Connor

    Bernard O'Connor

    10 giorni fa

    A Ryzen 5950X . "That's right, we got one".

  43. Beau Durand

    Beau Durand

    10 giorni fa

    When that pc cost more then most things in my room combined

  44. MissChocosugar


    10 giorni fa

    Can someone build me this please? :D

  45. slammin sammy

    slammin sammy

    10 giorni fa

    Talks about miners like he’s not one 🤔

  46. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi Uchiha

    10 giorni fa

    Does this moba have Bluetooth and WiFi?

    • Titan


      10 giorni fa

      no. only 1 gb lan

  47. Ulo Magyar

    Ulo Magyar

    10 giorni fa

    It's so white that corporations and social media hate it

  48. wildreams


    10 giorni fa

    RTX 3090 "Hwite" Edition.

  49. Titan


    11 giorni fa

    I'm confused. Is 1gigabit lan bad?

  50. Milan Martinez

    Milan Martinez

    12 giorni fa

    White Vision with RGB.

  51. El Grande

    El Grande

    12 giorni fa

    Some lefty snowflake will flag this video as racist.

  52. Xamso


    13 giorni fa


    • oliver edits

      oliver edits

      2 giorni fa


  53. Luka Dv

    Luka Dv

    13 giorni fa

    6:30 ok boomer

  54. Juan Gary

    Juan Gary

    13 giorni fa

    Bruh, I could find a dinosaur quicker than I can get a 3090

  55. Badreddine BELASRI

    Badreddine BELASRI

    13 giorni fa

    5200 dollars budget pc

  56. Ανέστης Γάτσιος

    Ανέστης Γάτσιος

    13 giorni fa

    yeah but it's super chilled though (。・ω・。)

  57. Its me Matthew

    Its me Matthew

    13 giorni fa

    Here before twitter calls Linus a white supremacist

  58. Don Han

    Don Han

    13 giorni fa

    I got OCD from looking at the power supply being upside down

  59. Zeopo


    13 giorni fa

    I showed my mum this pc and she wants to get it.



    13 giorni fa

    How much for that pc because damn that looks nice

  61. Chunga Hoot

    Chunga Hoot

    13 giorni fa

    Linus Segregation Tips

  62. TheTallestLeaf


    14 giorni fa

    "The ALL-WHITE Gaming PC!" 14 year old girls: *"tHaT's RaCiSt"*

    • Dylan Mallgrave

      Dylan Mallgrave

      13 giorni fa

      Lmao facts

  63. Jonathan Heitz

    Jonathan Heitz

    15 giorni fa

    The based PC?

  64. idk idk

    idk idk

    15 giorni fa

    no one: ... me: spends most of my spring break just watching ltt’s videos and his collabs with others, helping them fix their pc since i cant figure out which pc to get and from where since i cant find one that has actual good specs, good reviews, not too pricey, and what i want in rgb 😃

  65. Awur Atem Biar

    Awur Atem Biar

    16 giorni fa

    me: wants to buy the ram my kidneys: do not, and i mean do not think about it

  66. Sonicgott


    16 giorni fa

    Here’s hoping Micro Center can get a store somewhere in the great country of Canada one of these fine days.

  67. josef steiner

    josef steiner

    16 giorni fa

    Is there such a GPU shortage then why can the big-name ITputrs get 30 series graphics cards whenever they ask for them LMFAO

  68. Barra Radiansyah

    Barra Radiansyah

    17 giorni fa

    subtitles: "It's got real-time prey tracing"

  69. 王思聪是我哥


    17 giorni fa

    This computer is so white, I think it has racism

  70. Kevin Bradley

    Kevin Bradley

    18 giorni fa

    ..and they laughed when I built my all blue PC! HA!

  71. Chris mad you mad Lol

    Chris mad you mad Lol

    18 giorni fa

    Me getting flashback of denis pc

  72. Billy Mays

    Billy Mays

    19 giorni fa

    "This video has been flagged for racism."

  73. ZipZy CB

    ZipZy CB

    19 giorni fa

    can i have a gpu from the 30series my gpu is TRASH

  74. Melvin Miong

    Melvin Miong

    19 giorni fa

    Linus, Notice me Pls, Can i buy 2nd GPU from you?, Here in Philippines too expensive over pricey, I wish i had one :(

  75. GatoPaint


    20 giorni fa

    10:05 that's what I'm telling everybody ! Nvidia just gave us the ultimate RT GPUs on 1080p/1440p high refresh rate cards O: !

    • Phantom Vipour

      Phantom Vipour

      19 giorni fa


  76. schizophrenia


    20 giorni fa

    I miss when this video was called “The Ultimate All White Build”, I felt like it really spoke to me as an individual.

  77. R C

    R C

    20 giorni fa

    They are not rare if you get it all the time..

  78. Hitlerosourus Christ

    Hitlerosourus Christ

    20 giorni fa

    bruh linus rasist to the max

  79. IActLikeAnAntiVaxxerSoYouCanRoastMeAndGetKarna


    20 giorni fa

    The RAM is worth more than my whole pc

  80. Darius Gordon

    Darius Gordon

    20 giorni fa

    Bro the ram cost more then my computer

  81. Johnny Tsunami

    Johnny Tsunami

    21 giorno fa

    Wtf do you even do with this stuff?

    • Paujan Rapik

      Paujan Rapik

      20 giorni fa


  82. Jerry M

    Jerry M

    21 giorno fa

    Greek build, are there any issues with heat in the CPU because you have the fans in push configuration, but because of that it’s blasting the hot exhaust air through the radiator, which of course cools the pump liquid inside, versus having the fans reversed and then adding 3 more static pressure fans on top in a push configuration so it blasts cold air from the room through the radiator instead of the hot exhaust air? Thank you I look forward to your thinking here, I always enjoy your videos.

  83. Nathan Garcia

    Nathan Garcia

    21 giorno fa

    Great job on handling the juicers. Felix this guy knows what he is doing :)

  84. Raheem


    21 giorno fa

    why the hell they givin this man free gpu when we need it more than him.. He probably got 15 3090's in his back room hiding somewhere smh

  85. returnofbeaux


    21 giorno fa

    It needs pock marks, scratches, and a dingy nicotine colored lacquer to enhance the texture with tones of grime.

  86. Ferby Furben

    Ferby Furben

    22 giorni fa

    ah yes. a wonderful all WHITE POWER supply

  87. Pooja Yadav

    Pooja Yadav

    22 giorni fa

    05:02 hey linus you can also coolermaster white case under 120$ it will be cheapest and fancier case with 3 top of the side 1fan is under case for exhaust



    22 giorni fa

    This ram costs more than my entire setup

  89. Gavin Murray

    Gavin Murray

    22 giorni fa

    Mans using a rtx 3090 yet still only getting 60fps

  90. GohanSSJZ


    22 giorni fa

    I can't hear ya! I say what's, what's cooler than being cool? Ice cold! All white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white all white

  91. kristiqn hristov

    kristiqn hristov

    22 giorni fa

    carters PC's pants are white now

  92. Ezedin Elbaba

    Ezedin Elbaba

    22 giorni fa

    Can you do my pc CPU: Intel Core i5-10600K Graphics Card:Zotac GeForce RTX 3060 Twin Edge 12GB Chassi: Inter-Tech X-608 Infinity Micro Motherboard: Gigabyte Z490M RAM: HyperX Fury Black 32GB (2x16GB) SSD: WD Green 3D NAND M.2 480GB (WDS480G2G0B) HDD: Seagate Barracuda Compute 2TB Power Supply: EVGA 750 BQ 750W CPU Cooler: MSI MAG Core Liquid 240R

  93. ProfessorX 86

    ProfessorX 86

    23 giorni fa

    the lack of variety in the parts on pcpartpicker just goes to show you that this build is literally the only white pieces you can get for an amd ryzen based build, its a real shame too, because even if you wanted to build something similar to this, it's basically impossible right now with prices and availability of parts on the market

  94. Choader


    23 giorni fa

    The storage isn't even white 😢

    • AnimicsYT


      12 giorni fa

      @Paujan Rapik but the dims aren't

    • Paujan Rapik

      Paujan Rapik

      20 giorni fa

      the heatsink is white

  95. FusionDarp


    23 giorni fa

    xQc just got violated

  96. Pancakez


    23 giorni fa

    Imagine if they used the dark mode intro...

  97. Forever_Derpy


    23 giorni fa

    All that money and it only doubles my FPS in cyberpunk on my laptop also maxed settings

  98. Frode


    23 giorni fa

    Thats a lot of juicers

  99. ALMO


    23 giorni fa

    My take on all white:

  100. John Osam

    John Osam

    24 giorni fa

    I hope linus and techsource could team up and make that all white pc setup 😍😍