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Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck!

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  1. JumJumInMyTumTum


    3 ore fa

    4K with a 3000 series GPU but a 6 core or lower cpu without hyper threading may have bad frame time consistency, careful out there gamers.

  2. Noah Swenson

    Noah Swenson

    2 giorni fa

    So what I’m hearing is that my i7-6850k and gtx 1660 oc 6gb with 40gb of ram isn’t gonna be able to run warzone any different from a 9900k/ 3090?

  3. Gibbs


    4 giorni fa

    Linus looks homeless here

  4. nbstudios


    5 giorni fa

    is i3-8100 with gtx 1660 ti bottlenecked at 1440p?

  5. Europa


    6 giorni fa

    there are too many tech savvy people here, what I do?

  6. Sleeper Johns

    Sleeper Johns

    6 giorni fa

    y u no quake?

  7. Catalin Vasile

    Catalin Vasile

    7 giorni fa

    Related to the number o cores: another thing to take into account is that most games are made for multiple platforms, including consoles. You cannot plan game logic the way you plan graphics. If you plan the PC for the best graphics, you could go port the game on a console which has way shittier hardware and just put shittier graphics. What would you do with the game logic? When you go from a lot of cores on a high end PC to to some measly cores on a console? The only way this would scale if you made the AI dumber, a thing which the users would notice. This is a part of the game experience that you can't just say "oh, for the console I'll just make it look shittier".

  8. Rushboard Technologies

    Rushboard Technologies

    7 giorni fa

    Yeah... sad truth is most bottlenecks are either airflow, the OS, or software (as in driver/firmware) based, not actually the hardware. Personally I lean towards upgrading RAM and GPU, sticking with a reasonable 6/8-Core CPU.

  9. Nils Custer

    Nils Custer

    8 giorni fa

    Does the cpu or gpu take damage when they get bottlenecked?

  10. Jefferson Tan

    Jefferson Tan

    8 giorni fa

    I feel called out (fyi I have a Core 2 Quad paired with an RX 470)

  11. N Blachowicz

    N Blachowicz

    8 giorni fa

    "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link."

  12. Paul Seitz

    Paul Seitz

    9 giorni fa

    Zoinks Scooby

  13. Albert Colon

    Albert Colon

    9 giorni fa

    RAM Speed Stuck at 2133, should be 3200. Any idea of what could it be? Have a tomahawk b450 max motherboard.

  14. Dr Dental Surgeon BDS

    Dr Dental Surgeon BDS

    10 giorni fa

    Linus will soon be in movies.

  15. Prod


    10 giorni fa

    Nice hair man.

  16. BudzZz


    10 giorni fa

    I noticed this when I paired my 6700 xt with my ryzen 7 2700x

  17. Neamhain-IS Aion

    Neamhain-IS Aion

    11 giorni fa

    “One thing you probably don’t need to upgrade is your power supply” My 3 year old Seasonic SS-860XP2 won’t run my 3090 lol! They accepted my RMA at least.

  18. Real Treky

    Real Treky

    12 giorni fa

    That 06:13 moment will haunt me...

    • Real Treky

      Real Treky

      12 giorni fa

      Can anyone make a loop and give me a link? ;)

  19. Shroomer


    12 giorni fa

    question is how to remove all bottlenecks?

  20. Vasileios Karagiannis

    Vasileios Karagiannis

    12 giorni fa

    well even your monitor is a bottleneck nowadays if you spent to get 150 fps at the most AAA titles you need at least 165hz monitor to show 150 frames per seconds lol and cs go at i9-9900k is invalid at 451 you will never get more than what your monitor is capable to show although your ayes arent adapted to see more than some fps i mean there must be a cap in that thing i dont think we will go more at some point we will just improve graphics and make the best out of realism

  21. Joni Alaniemi

    Joni Alaniemi

    12 giorni fa

    Old cpu:s can handle suprisingly beefy gpu, nowaday's games benefit from beefier gpu more than cpu

  22. Jesus Melendez

    Jesus Melendez

    12 giorni fa

    It's not easier just to monitor the bottleneck with a simple tool like task manager, and replace the component that has a more intensive workload? (higher graph, except wifi of course :D)... I mean not everyone has the tools (or understand it) to monitor fps and analyze all the videos on youtube just to realize that the component which has to replace is the same that appears on task manager with a higher graph. We need to take care first of our money, isn't it? What do you think Linus? a new video just to compare with Task Manager?

  23. LlamaLord


    12 giorni fa

    Minecraft needs a good cpu tho

  24. sea bird

    sea bird

    12 giorni fa

    Solution do like Linus , build a 5k -10k pc , no bottleneck..... you cheat bast....

  25. Wigadama


    13 giorni fa

    Stay safe, handsome/beautiful :)

  26. Howdymynameishow


    13 giorni fa

    i like your hair

  27. Nugget YT6

    Nugget YT6

    13 giorni fa

    "Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck" Yeah, my wallet

  28. xlibshua


    13 giorni fa

    Im still rocking my 1050ti and I9 hey if it runs it runs

  29. Famo Games

    Famo Games

    14 giorni fa

    who knows does i5 6600k , 1070 bottleneck at the moment?i think it is. so i wanted buy i7 6700k

  30. Xpertgamingtech


    14 giorni fa

    LMAO That intro is what 'Steven Hyde' from 'That 70s Show' would be like if he was a PC guy xD

    • GameUp


      Giorno fa

      This man has culture

    • ItsNeebs


      4 giorni fa

      this comment reads like a tony zaret post

  31. Flip Phone Adventures

    Flip Phone Adventures

    14 giorni fa

    would a 3060 go well with my ryzen 73700x?

  32. AlphaCaine Productions

    AlphaCaine Productions

    14 giorni fa

    I think the biggest issue is just how behind we are on CPU tech compared to GPU tech

  33. Artifex 28

    Artifex 28

    14 giorni fa

    Instructions unclear. **** is now stuck in a bottleneck.

  34. User Name

    User Name

    14 giorni fa

    Yeah dawg we're mining monero while we're not gaming. CPU hashrate is everything.

  35. Ayush Singh

    Ayush Singh

    14 giorni fa


  36. Ayush Singh

    Ayush Singh

    14 giorni fa

    GPU above 90% Utilization And CPU below 50-60% Utilization You are Good

  37. ThisGuyCJ


    14 giorni fa

    my PC has a bottleneck this big *points at penis* haaha"

  38. Dotjens


    14 giorni fa

    Me with intel i3 4160 and a gt 1030 on my pc; really?

  39. 阿宅Sama


    14 giorni fa

    If your pc doesn’t have a bottleneck, that means everything are a bottleneck

  40. u zi fan 23 pitt

    u zi fan 23 pitt

    14 giorni fa

    you look like you just woke up from a dumpster

  41. Caden Rasey

    Caden Rasey

    14 giorni fa

    I was able to get a 3070 in December and a 5600x in January, how lucky am I?

  42. GrandMasta Flex

    GrandMasta Flex

    15 giorni fa

    Lmao the lO0k 4t THI5 GR4Ph had me dead

  43. M B

    M B

    15 giorni fa

    I bought the msi gaming X 6700 xt the other day and I have that paired with an i5 9600k oc to 5ghz buttttttt I feel like I might get smoother game play with an i9 9900k because of the threads. Should I make the jump? Or do I just like wasting money?

  44. PhunkBustA


    15 giorni fa

    YES i do, and its the GPU in this case 😝

    • PhunkBustA


      15 giorni fa

      CPUScore : 9.3 D3DScore : 9.9 DiskScore : 9.2 GraphicsScore : 9 MemoryScore : 9.3 TimeTaken : MostRecentAssessment WinSATAssessmentState : 1 WinSPRLevel : 9

  45. Darkwater


    15 giorni fa

    "Jiggahertz" lol

  46. Kyler


    15 giorni fa

    I wish this was common knowledge, people run around screaming "bottleneck! Bottleneck!" Without understanding the situational nuance when it comes to pairing a cpu and gpu.

  47. mintycbo


    15 giorni fa

    My pc bottleneck... Finding a worthy graphics card under $1,200.

  48. Gisper


    15 giorni fa

    Omg now im soo happy i bought I5-9600KF last summer🥰

  49. Gisper


    15 giorni fa

    Users of gtx 1050 ti when see somewhere their Gpu: * Pointing Rick Dalton meme *

  50. kgkustomz97ser


    15 giorni fa

    2 questions, how many people game with an i3? and how many people get the top tier gpu and actually take advantage of it by playing in higher resolution?(my bet is a majority still play in 1080p with high refresh rate)

  51. Rob Anthony

    Rob Anthony

    15 giorni fa

    So the question is. If both components are shit, which should we upgrade first? Cpu? Or gpu?

  52. ken milsom

    ken milsom

    15 giorni fa

    My gaming PC does not have a bottleneck ... My gaming PC is the Bottleneck. Here is my specs and it is all I can afford. Processor: Intel Core i7-3770 8 threads - 3.4 GHz Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 580 8 GB VRAM Memory: 16 GB RAM

  53. Lynn McKenney

    Lynn McKenney

    15 giorni fa

    *looks at 2600k @4.7ghz* Bottle....neck? What's that?

  54. HotaruHino


    15 giorni fa

    I'm always a subscriber to "Are you satisfied with your performance? If no, then start caring about bottlenecks until you are." And then the answer is never "yes" because they're never satisfied.

    • HotaruHino


      15 giorni fa

      On a side note, it's better to think that the CPU determines the baseline FPS you'll get. So if you really want that 120 FPS on everything, start by looking at the CPU first.

  55. a a

    a a

    16 giorni fa

    linus r u ok u seem like ur on drugs in this one and not in a good way

  56. ASdragon0


    16 giorni fa

    how dumb it is to think cpu is even usable on higher than 2k ??? you can play on i3 on 4k and see no diff compared to i9 blyat Cpu is for hard cpu games like assasins creed and you linus should show it... better ex than cs go Cpu takes lead for high refresh gaming too... mostly in online games cs go,fortnite,rainbow... PS.linus in cs go if you go 8k like i did cpu do not takes lead too so no... if you go for high graphics cpu can be a xeon 10$ for a 500$ gpu still doing good

  57. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs

    16 giorni fa

    The stepup from 6c to 8c is quite disappointing when you compare it to 4c to 6c, why is that?

  58. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs

    16 giorni fa

    All nice and dandy, what monitor does show above 300 FPS anyways?

  59. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs

    16 giorni fa

    Kinda weird that CSGO ran better on a lower card with I3 than a higher card, but than later using high CPU anf much higher card it explodes. These numbers dont make sense to me

  60. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs

    16 giorni fa

    So that expensive CPU is really BS?

  61. Rombout Versluijs

    Rombout Versluijs

    16 giorni fa

    Whatsup with all the facial hair... he went from GI pc joe to full on hair all over the place haahha EPIC looks good man!

  62. Demolition Carebear

    Demolition Carebear

    16 giorni fa

    My cousin pc was hitting a hard bottleneck with his ram not being clocked properly. Was set at 2133hz when it could have been at 3200. Saw a solid 40% increase in frames.

  63. KvltKommando


    16 giorni fa

    is linus becoming a snowboarder

  64. Dirtys CrapLab

    Dirtys CrapLab

    16 giorni fa

    love my 9900k it was a good choice... it handles my 3080 like a boss @ 3440x1440 even with risizable bar :-)

  65. Joey S

    Joey S

    16 giorni fa

    i9 3070 gang

  66. 3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7

    3l H4ck3r C0mf0r7

    16 giorni fa

    While we're at it, compiling the Android Open Source Project really benefits from NVMe, huh? It went a lot faster after I upgraded from SSD, and it was borderline intolerable when attempting to run that task on spinning rust, and this is an i7-6700k with 16 gigs I'm talking about. Upgrading any other component would've done very little to improve the speed of that.

  67. Pulverrostmannen


    16 giorni fa

    Still gaming on my AMD FX8350 and GF1080 with 32GB ram and customized timings own overclocks on the stuff and so on, still does pretty great. rule is if it has a bottleneck then overclock it

  68. Testing 101

    Testing 101

    16 giorni fa


  69. papageorge


    17 giorni fa

    "Your PC has a bottleneck" Me with a 2000Mbps read/write SSD, 1660Super, 2x8GB 3600MHz ram... and a Ryzen 3 1200: *no shit linus, i spent my CPU money on a switch*

  70. RBcraft


    17 giorni fa

    the fact that Linus looks homeless at the first 30 secs od the video

  71. Tanner


    17 giorni fa

    I think my 10900k and 3080 are slowing me down so I threw it down the stairs.

  72. Jacques Taljaard

    Jacques Taljaard

    17 giorni fa

    my bottleneck is my 75hz 1080p monitor that i lock to 60hz anyways because i prefer 60 over 75 for some reason

  73. Richard


    17 giorni fa

    Yeah but did you upgrade your RGB!? There’s your problem. Nobody buys a $800 graphics card and uses $50 RGB.

  74. HWS_ Wolf

    HWS_ Wolf

    17 giorni fa

    So I just upgraded most of my PC from an FX 8370 and DDR3 ram to a Ryzen 7 3700X CPU DDR4 Ram but could not afford a new GPU sadly so Still have the RX470 8Gb GPU in it. I crash as soon as I load every game at normal clock speeds I narrowed it down to the GPU everything else checks out fine. I literally have to underclock the Max Frequency to -30% to play games. Any ideas how to fix it or is the GPU just total trash at this point?

  75. Jesse Johnson

    Jesse Johnson

    17 giorni fa

    Probably the best segue into the sponsor I've ever seen on one of Linus' videos. Came out of nowhere, totally blindsided. Love it.

  76. Peter Smith

    Peter Smith

    17 giorni fa

    0:00 calm down tom cruise

  77. Smooothie 101

    Smooothie 101

    17 giorni fa

    Umm..... i have a I7 6700K with a asus trio 1080 and i get 300 fps with high settings 1080p On csgo

  78. Robert Skett

    Robert Skett

    17 giorni fa

    If they ever wanted to do a Doc Brown younger years, I think Linus would be in the running

  79. omgomgomgd


    17 giorni fa

    Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck! It's called the operating system. Let's all work to fix it.

  80. Smood47


    18 giorni fa

    Say it don't spray it Linus.

  81. Squeeks


    18 giorni fa

    Nvidia Driver CPU overhead.

  82. PaPa Satin

    PaPa Satin

    18 giorni fa

    10 seconds in: I know I have a bottleneck for the rest of time I buy one part at a time

  83. Chris Cameron

    Chris Cameron

    18 giorni fa

    I feel like I trust Linus less with a beard. Amazing vid though, and my-oh-my how this channel has grown!!

  84. CMDR Asumoto

    CMDR Asumoto

    18 giorni fa

    And here I am gaming on a rysen 3900xt and a gtx 970... Saving for a gpu while prices going up faster then my salary permits :(

  85. Klean Records

    Klean Records

    18 giorni fa

    man i fuck wit this guy hes the shit!!!!! love you man keep upgrading are minds with intelligence.

  86. Powerfitz


    18 giorni fa

    i built my pc for christmas and due to the prices rn, i got a ryzen 9 3900x with a rx 580. would i bEnEfIT from a rx 6700 xt? i think so.

  87. CF Moe

    CF Moe

    18 giorni fa

    U need a haircut linus

  88. Rainer Wahnsinn

    Rainer Wahnsinn

    18 giorni fa

    0:20 Shia LaBeouf "Just Do It"

  89. Romulus


    18 giorni fa

    "Your Gaming PC Has A Bottleneck!" Sure does, my bank account...

    • mkvitdi


      15 giorni fa

      @Zebedee Summers PEBKAC lul

    • Zebedee Summers

      Zebedee Summers

      17 giorni fa

      I was thinking the person using my mouse/keyboard but bank account works too.

  90. redlove108


    18 giorni fa

    I would love a video on figuring out your own bottlenecks. Whether it is CPU, GPU, RAM, Hard drive or even motherboard. How do you go about figuring which component is holding the rest back? o.O

    • Vasileios Karagiannis

      Vasileios Karagiannis

      12 giorni fa

      lol mobo bottlenecking ? i think you speak about those old mothers with dd2 that had northbridge and were capping the speed of the rams with cpu communcation lol

    • Lynn McKenney

      Lynn McKenney

      15 giorni fa

      Run a performance test with a hardware monitor on, see what hits 100%?

  91. Speedster 81

    Speedster 81

    18 giorni fa

    Linus in the intro really looks like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo 🤣

  92. DSPplug


    18 giorni fa

    Sometimes your acting is on the verge of strange Linus :)

  93. PhillipZX3


    18 giorni fa

    My bottleneck is the lack of a reasonably priced video card as an upgrade from my "obsolete" $ 270.00 Sapphire RX590. :-)

  94. poseidon3032


    19 giorni fa

    Is it ever an exact science other than 'it depends'?

  95. splifsend


    19 giorni fa

    I want PC that will run Cities skylines.. I have AMD5950x and a Radeon 6900xt with 128gb of ram @3800mzh - I get an average of 10-15fps

  96. Syrku


    19 giorni fa

    yeah i know this in 1st pc is fx8350 a bootleneck for rx480 in 2nd is r5 5600 for rx6800

  97. Robert Cooper

    Robert Cooper

    19 giorni fa

    Lo0ve the gaming PC but please build us a Budget PC to use CAD on flawlessly. Would love to see this.

  98. Abdallah Al Mahmud

    Abdallah Al Mahmud

    19 giorni fa

    In my whole life of watching LTT every question’s answer ended it ‘It DePeNds’ XD

  99. eioshen boboi

    eioshen boboi

    19 giorni fa

    JIGERHURTZ - Linus 2021

  100. Fantasy_PvP


    19 giorni fa

    Bruh my pc is from 2009 so it has like 5 bottlenecks

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